What the hell

I just knew Facebook was a waste of time. Why did I need this to prove it?

I guess my father could have looked like that…



39 thoughts on “What the hell

  1. Haha! Apparently you are destined to become the most famous man in the world. I’m on FB, but I rarely post, never do this quizzes (because they usually ask me to sign in again or they want to gather info), and only occasionally read my news feed. Happy Sunday!

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  2. I have all but stopped posting on facebook since I started blogging. I have family and co-workers that more or less annoyed me until I finally friended them just to keep the peace. So now I can’t really be me on my own page. So I pass along a few memes and comment sometimes but mostly it isn’t a place for me to share my feelings anymore. Shame.

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