You get what you give. Even for a site like mine. I took a month off and obviously people found other things to read. And then I came back and reconnected. You can see all that clearly from the graph below.

This site is slow compared to when I started this blog in 2013. I had just started my graveyard shift in a NOC watching for a single button to change colors. It never did. What do you do in a situation like that?

You create a blog.

That’s right, HarsH ReaLiTy was created out of boredom like some of your blogs I imagine.

I’ve come to love this place though. This drawer in my mind where I store whatever I feel like. My glass house.

Engagement. You get what you give. When I was working twelve hours in front of a computer I found endless opportunities to engage and find new bloggers to meet. They are out there. It isn’t whether or not you can build an audience really, it is how hard you try to reach the people already out there.

-Opinionated Man



13 thoughts on “Engagement

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  2. I need to start again, I remember my first blog in here I was gaining momentum. Then I closed it. My new is like this, feels a dud but you are right. I need to get off my lazy butt and post more…

    Any tips? I don’t want to do personal I want this to be about my business… please help guru!!! Your words are golden!!


      • It is an active effort, but shouldn’t take away from important, real-life activities or detract from other enjoyable hobbies.

        The effort that I put into my in-game guilds gives me genuine rewards and interaction, just like others enjoy the effort they put into their respective blogs.

        Some things are more clique-ish than others – it’s just a fact.


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  3. You are very right with this post, Jason 🙂
    I was hospitalized for 2 months and I didn’t even look at my stats yet, even it is soon 1 1/2 month ago, I went home again. But I’m not started to use my blog regularly yet, I don’t have the energy for now. But I do visit other blogs very much and comment, when I feel for that too, otherwise a like can show, that I have been there.

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  4. So true. I took about a month off, feeling sorry for myself and usually when I don’t write a post, I still find the time to interact with others which is the key to keeping my blog strong. When I took time away I was completely away and it shows in the stats. You get out what you put in, you could write a masterpiece and if you don’t put yourself out there, nobody would see it. Nice post. Good to see you back.

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  5. Impressive graph. In all seriousness, the possible criticism is what is this guy up to? Rubbing my nose in his success? Personally, if you get a real response to that I’d be sad people miss you’re stated/proven point and generously consider inviting them to Friday morning. But the crux to me and I have felt famous before isn’t this interplay of oo looks him oo dang it why not me? Nah! It’s how the bleep DO you give which I understand instantly invites the shall I send you a video on how to make love, joker? It’s 69.96 plus 31.04 processing… but jokes aside, how? Or rather as I am noot new to this game what’s your stance on using you as a cheap flop house to swipe the success I might find? I mean general linking in comments is rude unless asked for. Conversation is cool but if you hit it off in on land great! Get a room of your own please. And wordy verbal committees like me need t.p. And good taste? ;). Spikes your coffee for ya i done for now

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