I say hello to my depression.

It wears the face of a yesterday that refuses to be forgotten. A part of me follows me around until I am forced to recognize him. I catch glimpses of his reflection in the mirror, on a window, and from the side of my eye. We play hide and seek as I determine how much he means to me today. Will he become me?

I splash my face and see myself again. The man I have become. Even with acceptance of the rising sun, still this son feels the need to run. Depression inside and beside me still. I see the emptiness of last night standing like a line of empty cups. The feeling of weakness, the feeling of sorrow takes me and I borrow a little more time from my resolve not to care today.

I push myself deep, so deep it doesn’t hurt anymore. Down inside where I can hide. I splash my face one more time and walk out to meet my day… never looking him in the eye again.

-Opinionated Man



6 thoughts on “Depression

  1. I get really down sometimes. And I’ve taken medication since my husband and I lost our home when he became disabled and it took 5 years for his disability to come through. But I turn to my friends here and it makes me feel better. Lean on us. We love you.


  2. I feel you, i was once trapped in my own depressive state too, then, i started working through the pieces of my own forgotten past, and, undergone catharsis, and now, i’m “cured”, or at least, that, was what the shrink told me, but i know that my depression was merely a manifestation of my childhood traumas, and, you may have to work through the bits and pieces of your forgotten past, to get yourself out of your depressive state of mind as well, just keep on digging deep, to find that part of you which had been taken away, and then, embrace him…

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