Blogging Debate

I had a kind visitor today who dropped by and let me know he or she didn’t understand how I got so many subscribers by posting a single photo with no words. The photo was mine though.

I dropped by their blog.

The first post I saw was by this blogger in which they translated writing by another author and acted as if they had done something great. This is the same type of post as the people who quote the Bible or someone famous and then wait for all their readers to comment on how “relevant their quote is today.”

That’s lame as shit. I’d rather post a single photo that I took with no words… than post someone else’s words and try to look like I wrote them.

But you do you pumpkin. And I never asked for your input on my blogging. Fuck off.

-Opinionated Man


Here’s the photo again you hated. If you actually used your brain and read what the photo says you’d understand why I cared. Kiss my ass.

35 thoughts on “Blogging Debate

  1. Don’t worry about the haters. If you have haters then that means you are doing something right! This picture is epic. Be proud! I mean, it must have made an impression because that person took time out of your day to actually say something. This makes you important!


  2. Oh wait, it isn’t so bad now. I know exactly who you’re talking about and the troll visited me too, and through him I came across your page and I am so glad I did. You’re quite hilarious in your posts. πŸ˜€


  3. “You do you pumpkin” LOL πŸ˜‚

    Haha I just discovered your blog and have read your about me and around 7 or so of your recent posts and totally understand how you have the amount of followers you do. Fuck that guy/gal! Congrats to your amazing daughter!

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  4. Nice retort πŸ˜‰ especially fond of you do you pumpkin lol.

    Funny though … there seems to be a surge in ‘trolls’ or would be trolls at the moment … I’ve just spent the best part of a morning sifting out the riff-raff.

    Btw … it’s a good photo πŸ™‚ Congrats to your daughter!


  5. It takes all kinds! I’m happy you shared the photo, as you are proud of your family’s accomplishments. I am too and post a lot about family. I think it’s great. Spread the love and pride!


  6. Congratulations to the little one. When good things happen, especially for your kids, it natural to want to share that. Thank you for always being true to yourself and sharing yourself with us.
    The other blogger? Jealous little D*ckhead.

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  7. Heh. Friday morning is for fuck off’s? How can I stop laughing when I just ( yes, I may just earn mine-I no fear!) read you don’t read comments to see you respond to one!!! (A negative one to boot). I would like to note a thanks for your responses my way and I shall continue to be rather myself blah blah puke niceness. And? Clap for I click punishment complete for commenting now!

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  8. Seriously?! Why would someone write something so negative on someone’s blog. The cheek! ‘deserve’ followers….clearly this person is a follower hungry loon! Do as Wallace would do (In the film Braveheart obviously) and get your butt out, bend over and say ‘kiss my ass’.


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  9. Some people. πŸ™„
    Love the photo! So proud of Grace!!
    Speaking of bloggers, did you know Plain Ol’ Vic closed his site? I tracked him down yesterday. He and his family are doing well, but hunkering down for the hurricane in FL. :/

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