Weighing Blogging Relationships

How do you weigh a blogging relationship or any relationship online? Isn’t it the same as a relationship in person?

As with anything in life we have to determine what is in it for ourselves. What do we get out of the relationship and is it worth having? Are we being used and all that is left in the morning is a hershey kiss and a thank you note…

The longer you blog the more you’ll consider blogging and the intricacies that make it so hard. You’ll see ranting about unfaithful following, fake subscribers, and lack of views. You’ll see these posts because people care and why shouldn’t they? Bloggers pour countless hours into their sites, posts, and the people they interact with. Blogging is a social media, it isn’t just a media of presentation. Because of that time is valuable and we want to know if who we are using our time on is worth it. We want to know if we are wasting our time.

I make this very simple for myself, but some might say “well Opinionated Man has that luxury.”

You see I don’t focus on the response back, but instead on my activities that generate response. I don’t click around my site for hours waiting for people to care… I make people care. I don’t reread old comments to glow, I go out and make new connections to stimulate new comments. That is how I blog by cutting the “relationship” out of it.

That isn’t for everyone.

You’ll have Helga who has to be best friends with every blogger she follows. And everyone better be best friends back or they’ll get a warning, an email, and a door knock.

You might even be a Gary who does Gary things, but that is the beauty of blogging. We get to do what we want!

So how do you weigh a blogging relationship? Is it based off one comment and the response, or lack thereof?

Do you base it off regular visits or nothing at all?

-Opinionated Man


26 thoughts on “Weighing Blogging Relationships

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  2. My blog is, essentially, an extension of myself. If people like it, great! If they don’t, so what? I have never tried to be somebody that I’m not in order for people to like me. I won’t force my blog into a pigeonhole solely for followers or “likes.”
    I like what I write, and I enjoy writing, gaming, music, and whatever else I choose to post about at any given time, and I think that my enjoyment of the topics shows!

    As far as blogging relationships go, I think they’re about as important as those formed IRL or in an online game. Like any other relationship, though, it is a two-way street and only develops if both people are engaged and willing. One-way relationships of any sort are unfulfilling for a person with a healthy self-esteem. That’s just my take on it, at least!


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  3. Much like social media, I only like and comment when I’m actually impressed enough to, and if I see a lot of impressive stuffs in the blog, I follow/subscribe. I also go out of my way to search for more blogs. I do it for me because I believe reading more makes me a better blogger, I don’t subscribe to that follow4follow like4like thing, it’s cheap publicity in my opinion.

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    • Honest feedback and response is all we can hope for! I have followed a ton of blogs and have a great personal reader full of stuff that I like. I don’t press like unless I like something. I agree that there are some things not worth doing!

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  4. I like to think I write for me. As a way to get out everything I’m feeling, and if it helps just one person I’m good. On another site I used, I had a controversial post gain a lot of attention. Both good and bad. And that high stayed with me for awhile, but it soon became exhausting. Juggling if what I was writing was click-worthy with actual life and things I wanted to write about.

    I try to maintain blog relationships, reading others and commenting, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all of that, on top of running my own blog… oh and motherhood and actual life. I would enjoy being more social, but I like to think my few followers actually are following me because they like what they’ve found so far.

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  5. I’d like to think you reap what you sow,,,but that’s not always the case with blogging. Another very large blogger I read today talked about taking days to write stories, and getting no response, but yet when she was ready to quit, a post went viral. I’ve never had a post go viral and am not working toward that. I love feedback and response on my blog, I love to talk to folks who might have questions about travel with family or sailing and cruising; but the thing for me to contact and the ability to possibly influence just that one person who might read my posts and get something out of it. That’s important for me. I re-post, reblog, say what I want and try to stay in my niche if I can,,,,,but I’m doing what I want with the blog as a platform for expression.

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    • Heh well I’ve never had a post go viral, but I have a couple posts seen over 100,000 times each. But is that viral to you? It isn’t to me because I pushed those posts as hard as I could and that’s why they got read that many times. I don’t subscribe to the notion that a site needs to go viral. We create our own fame and fortune, I earned every view this site has gotten through hard work. Not waiting for people to be interested. 🙂

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  6. I try to put good content out there, be social and reciprocate, but other than that, I don’t worry about it. I never check stats. My biggest challenge with blogging is the impossibility of “doing it all” so I focus on having fun.

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  7. I can be famous one moment and flatline the next! I have the secret stash and the currying favor for years versions going. The best success my way is besties as in many interact for years. However success is mooning the past from the car forward. There is zero reason why I can’t enjoy full spectrum speaker designed albeit I don’t know quite how within a horn fitting either a victrola or period radio both pass through as rear channel in surround sound or mono aurally their own stand alone uses I.e record player or internet radio respectively. Get it? Care? Hahaha! Not a highly commented upon muse! But toss in a blond joke? Oo famous again! I get to be me for the cliche marriage vows “for better or worse.” http://starmanjones.xanga.com/2013/09/18/audiophile-hi-fi/

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  8. Mmm, interesting. I see view all relationships, blog or not with the same eyes. Don’t give to receive and don’t place your heart on your sleeve. I very much enjoy the blog community and love to chat via comments, yet, I have never been one to make instant life long connections, IRL or not. I guess it depends on what the individual is looking for?

    Myself, I’m here for the ‘banter’ and to explore a hobby, others crave connections like you say, but for what purpose is the question. I guess I place myself in a space that is protected from ‘fakeness’ or ‘false friends’, it’s too easy to want to be liked and strive for it – that is a dangerous and unhealthy path, in my opinion. This doesn’t stop my enjoying the blog company that I keep 🙂 I’ll take friendship if it’s offered, but I don’t seek it, this is the best way for me to be. I don’t base my friendships on anything other than if I find a person genuine, that’s enough for me 🙂

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  9. I believe we have the same mindset about not waiting around, rifling through old posts and reading those things. Rather, I weight the “relationship” from how often people visit my site. I follow very few bloggers on WordPress, and while I don’t get to check out my mobile reader as often as I’d like, I do pop in every now and again to drop comments like this one or to read, like, and, on occasion, reblog their posts. I don’t expect constant interaction and endless reblogs of my posts, because I don’t have the time to return the favor. Though it would be nice. Still, it’s not a requirement.

    I was featured once on Discover, and that’s where most of my followers came from, but after the first few weeks, most dropped off the radar entirely and don’t even come onto WordPress anymore, so instead of trying to stimulate them, I try to look for new people that are actually interested in me and my books and are willing to stick around for the long haul.

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