I’ve just been trying to keep people motivated. I know everyone is stressed, hell I am about to have a heart attack. I’ve also been through these take overs and I know that while we may not be interviewing yet for our jobs, we really are. Someone, somewhere is watching us and grading us before we are even aware of it. Someone has already hummed over our team description and decided whether or not we are necessary.

It is incredibly hard to keep people motivated when they aren’t sure if they still have jobs or will tomorrow. It is impossible to get people to want to train and be proactive… or even to be active at all.

What a frustrating week. The longest four weeks of this year.




28 thoughts on “Work

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  2. Wow…Jason! Hang in there! Know well about downsizing and reorganization oil health care systems. I retired when the contract nurse practitioners were let go. I know that doesn’t help, but I feel your anxiety waiting, going through the process. Christine


  3. Ah, capitalism at its worst. I hate all these mergers and acquisitions, most of which fail because the surviving company doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing or how to manage a transition. Why is bigger always better to them? Why do they have to incessantly grow, without a thought for the people who made them the money in the first place. Profits over people – FEH! Good luck, Jason – don’t let ’em get you down. You know you’re better than they are.

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  4. I can understand what you’re going through. I had a great job working from home.
    At first the new company didn’t hire me and later decided they needed me but wouldn’t let me work from home. It didn’t work out and I quit after six months. Two weeks after I quit, they told everyone they were shutting the whole operation down! So glad I wasn’t there to deal with that!

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  5. Sometimes, even the most indispensable people get the bum’s rush! I recall one company I worked for, an engineering firm, slashed all departments in half during one week. They even got rid of the Human Resources manager, which made no sense at all…

    Hang in there!

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  6. I am experiencing something similar. The playgroup I work part time for has been taken over by the school who now runs it. While we have been brought over, supposedly, I work relief and they haven’t decided what hours I am going to get. So, my thoughts are with you man.

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  7. Been there, done that, more times than I care to count. I have been the lion and the lamb in this. Oddly, this last time the lamb devoured the lion. We bought a company, but their IT team took over and was ready to dismiss us all as obsolete, it was the user community that stood up and started screaming bloody murder, they backed down.

    Oh, by the way…

    Someone, somewhere is watching us and grading us before we are even aware of it.

    It’s Gary. You’re in deep doggie doo.

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  8. I landed my dream job two years ago only to have my value and position questioned when the new board took over just 18 months in. The struggle to make myself indispensable seems futile… unless we get -yet another new board– which is on the horizon… but can I hold on until the posse arrives?

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  9. I understand completely – I am in the middle of my company being bought, the new owners have acknowledged our existence yet it feels like we are sitting here day after day rotting. No focus, no projects and no motivation. It really is draining in so many ways…it’s been this way for months. The office environment is less than friendly…that’s me being polite!

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      • Nothing worse! No work direction gives sharks time to swim and chase their prey….we don’t so much have snarks, more bitter collegues that record every movement and lateness we have. Pathetic doesn’t even cover it. It’s hard, but try to keep you chin up, don’t let the sharks drag you down – she writes after months of letting it get to her and developing a very strong ‘who gives a F’ attitude as a result.

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