I made the wrong decision and I got a little yelly. Yelly sounds a lot better than “you turned into an asshole father that started to rage.” But that happened too.

One of the most frustrating things as a parent is when your children lie to you. It is even worse when you have two kids and you don’t know who is telling the truth. Obviously there are plenty of methods for getting the truth out of someone, but you can’t use all those techniques. Yelling doesn’t help because they just shut down and what if you have a particularly stubborn child (wonder where she gets that from) and she stares you in the eye and dares you to bring the thunder cause she is ready to dance…

Parenting. You can’t ever say it isn’t interesting. I’m learning.

-Opinionated Man

36 thoughts on “Personal

  1. Ah, the kids…even if you quit with one, as I did, they do a number on you. And you love them because they’re yours. And if you remember what it was like to be a kid, you can smile through even the roughest days. Even if you have to turn into that unfortunate, ‘monster’ parent once in a while.


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  2. I’m sure parenting was always hard, but with all the distractions that come from every direction now is horrible. Kids are bombarded with stuff from everywhere and most of it doesn’t tell them to tell the truth and listen to their parents. I admire you for trying. Hang in there.

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  3. Being yelly is part of being a parent. When you finally figure out how to not be yelly is when the children become terrified that they did something wrong. The first time I took a deep breath at my 18 yr old daughter instead of becoming yelly, I suddenly had an angel in my house for almost the next two weeks. The first time is hard but after that it like. “Where has this technique been my whole life??”

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  4. I’ve got a stubborn streak a mile wide and two older brothers that always, always got into trouble. Covering for them was an awful mess, and I know I infuriated my dad way too much over the years. I hope you fare better. Good luck, and hang in there! At least you know you made the wrong decision to get yelly. That way, you can try not to next time.

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