Get To Know: Clara

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Welcome back to another Get To Know post! You should get use to these this month because I have quite a few coming so stay tuned for that! Today our special guest is the amazing Clara!

The Basics:

Name: My name is Clara!
Nickname(s): Ciela
Occupation: I’m on my way to university this year
Nationality: Angolan/Portuguese
Country Currently Living In: Portugal

Let’s Get A Little Personal

Favorite makeup brand? NYX, no doubt
Favorite clothing brand? New Yorker
Favorite breakfast meal?Give a plate full of bacon and I’m good to go
Favorite place you’ve visited? Humm… Probably Namibia!
Favorite childhood memory? So when I used to live in Canada, I was about four years old. I was mad cause none of my family wanted to take me to the park. So you know what I did? Took matters into my own hands! I left the house barefoot and…

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