Keeping a thought for my sorrow pocket…

I enjoyed reading this post. It felt like reading a few pieces of myself. Definitely worth a visit. -OM
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They say the Devil is in the detail and they might well be right, but I’m not completely convinced.  When I was a teenager, full of angst and testosterone, I wrote a poem as young men who write tend to do and it opened like this; I’ve lost my church but not my faith, people stare and wonder what’s gone wrong with me.  They seem to think it’s God I hate, but I’ve lost my church, not my faith.

Of course to put this in context I was growing up and out of, a very traditional Irish Catholic upbringing.  The simple act of not attending mass on Sunday, required special dispensation from my mother and even at that you needed a pretty good reason not to go.  As small children we went to mass with my parents.  As we entered our teenage years we were given the limited religious…

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