Hunting Fall

We went Hunting Fall and where the green leaves meet autumn’s call.

We listened amongst the broken sound of tumbling streams while making dreams.

When nature calls we drop it all. We go on an adventure called Hunting Fall!



Blogger Review #7 – Danny Ray

Often people assume I sit here and think of ways to inspire people all day. I’m not Oprah. Often what we find is that we receive re-inspiration from those around us, even those of us that have been blogging for awhile. I get that type of inspiration from Danny Ray and he is one of the hardest working bloggers and networkers I know. I never have to tell this guy something more than once and he has even shared some insight with me.

Now I know most of these reviews have been glowing and fun. Most have been full of praise. Well that ends now. I just visited his site today.

Danny… what the hell is up with the pink background dude? I am so disappointed in you. I take back everything I said in this post… you obviously don’t listen to me! Disappointed!

Visit Danny today at!

-Opinionated Man


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Blogging – Can I Make You Click It?

“How do I make people click my posts, my images, my reblog, my book link, my… anything?”

This is the number one question asked by social media users and if you figure out the answer then you have a head start on the game! The problem of how to get people to actually click something, really physically place their mouse on it and press the left mouse clicker, that’s the mystery most people want to solve. I get asked this question repeatedly by authors, bloggers, and people trying to share things and wondering how to get people to care!

Starting with the platform first is always a good rule of thumb. Building a platform and getting people to care about what you care about is the trick. It doesn’t happen overnight and even after establishing yourself it is so hard to get people to click a secondary link… particularly if they’ve already clicked once or twice to land on your page. What would motivate them to click a third time to another site?

You have to provide a reason for wanting them to go there. For instance, I reblog a lot and when I do I will leave a small comment as to why I’m sharing the post. I think people also need to recognize the fact that there has to be some balance… I can’t sit here and ask everyone to care about every problem in the world. That’s overwhelming and quite frankly annoying!

People that constantly reblog all the time will see their readership wane and lose interest. If you mix it up you still have to work hard at creating the presentation of a mix, or you turn people off. There is no perfect formula for this. You have to feel it as you go.

Not everyone will click a link and you can’t force them to. That’s the most frustrating part isn’t it? If only we could, everyone would be a social media star then!

-Opinionated Man


Nine Years

This has to be shared. Beautiful thoughts, reflection, and honesty. Real blogging. -OM
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Father Says...

My older daughter emotionally posted Monday, “Lord, get me through Wednesday and I will be okay for another year.” My younger daughter responded, I’m with you sis ” My three boys are unusually quiet. I continue to cope.

Today — the Wednesday Dee referred to — is the ninth anniversary of the death of their Mom and my Wife. It was the day that changed our lives forever … or at least forever in earthly terms.

I’ve been through the details before. If you’re interested, just page back to this date over the past five years.  The details are the details. More important are the memories … and there many, well over 40 years worth. Karen touched her family in so many ways.

While I’ve navigated — and continue to navigate — through the stages of grief, I haven’t lost sight of the fact our future was cut short…

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