Who knew, right?

Here is hoping you stick with this phase for a bit longer! Welcome to WordPress and all the best with blogging this year! -OM
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Ever since I was a wee one I was obsessed with making websites, blogs, you name it. It was a passionate hobby of mine. I so wanted them to get somewhere. Did they? Not really, but I always loved the idea of people finding fascination in my posts. Oh! Excuse me! This might seem a little awkward, if you look at the last time I posted something on this blog. Yeah. I know. I’m Amy, also known as Lilo to not many people. Nice to meet you!

As I was saying, I always seem to go through these phases in my life where I want to get really good at a certain hobby, and will try a bunch to find one that suits me, and to this day, have not found a certain one that has stuck. So, as the title says, who knew, right? Who knew I would be…

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