How do you keep from annoying your subscribers?

You can’t.

I’ve had bloggers ask me this because they are worried that their blogging methods are going to scare people away. They don’t want to respin a post because someone will be annoyed and they don’t want to reblog too much because their email subscribers will get pissed off. If they post photos all the time their poetry readers will be angry and if they don’t forget to do the prompt of the week their writing community will riot. We haven’t even gotten to the virtual dog yet.

That all sounds really tiring. I stopped caring a long time ago if people unsubscribed from my site and it happens constantly. They thought I was a poet or they thought I was a photographer. They were here for a food blog… boohoo.

Well whoever “they” are, they will live. That is what I say. If you try to please everyone all you end up with is a bunch of constrained nothing. If you try to please no one at least you are pleased in the end.

-Opinionated Man



44 thoughts on “How do you keep from annoying your subscribers?

  1. I thought you said you were opinionated… taps foot… so far this just seems true. And as to this harsh reality? Well oh my skittles! If all colors combine we get doo doo brown. The trick I guess is I like orange. Or if life is vodka and reality skittles mixing it all together can lead to a crap focus. Blah blah if it’s harsh oh well truth can be a blessing or a good excuse for a fine motorcycle ride


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  3. 😂😂😂😂😂 I just write whatever . It’s a mixed pot . If I offend anyone I apologise. Why have a blog if you can’t just write to your heart’s content ?

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  4. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written a post, previewed it, and said to myself: “This is just too damned delightfully entertaining. People don’t like delightfully entertaining anymore, so I’d better not annoy them by posting this.” Thanks to your advice and encouragement, my blogs will now contain nothing but delightfully entertaining posts . . . starting eventually.

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  5. I very rarely repost an item to my blog. If I do it is usually a guest post I’ve put on another blog. What I do is send it to my Twitter Feed if it is something I think is important. That way I have shared it without clogging up my blog.

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  6. Just do your own thing—write out your thoughts and convictions, Cant please everybody. If readers can accept what you write about without necessarily agreeing all the time, then you had fulfilled your right to free speech.

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  7. Amen!

    I think my worst drop was after posting my only story with more “explicit” content… Right after I published it, I saw people running away from The Cove 😛 At first, I thought “Ohh no!! Maybe I shouldn’t have gone there!!” And then I sat back and figured I wouldn’t keep myself from writing sexy stories once in a while, if I feel like it, just because people disagree with my choices…

    Great post, Jason… I hope newcomers will read it!

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