Blogger Review #2 Linda G. Hill

We love bloggers that blog, but we also love bloggers that interact! Linda definitely has that covered and her #SoCS challenge is one of many popular prompts here on WordPress. Check out her website at and her recent post for the #SoCS challenge can be found at!

I have known Linda on WordPress as long as I have been on this platform. She is one of the first blogs I visited and that is the first step of meeting any new blogger. The second, third, and fourth steps are the same… you keep interacting and keep your network connected. That is how a platform thrives, sustains itself, and grows. Linda is doing the same and her interaction with her audience is remarkable! It is remarkable if you consider how busy she is with her personal life and the release of her book!

Check out Linda’s blog at and make a new online friend today!

-Opinionated Man


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17 thoughts on “Blogger Review #2 Linda G. Hill

  1. I discovered Linda when she guest blogged on your site and have been participating in her writing prompts ever since. You are 100% spot on, she is a fantastic connection on here😊

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