Blogger Review #1 Gary Mathews

I’d like to introduce WordPress to my blogger friend Gary that blogs at I have been chatting with Gary on this platform for over three years now! He is a person I consider to be a “blogger friend” and I have shared some great laughs with him. I’ve watched and read about his struggles, his daily life and his moments of happiness. I even have him added on Facebook so our friendship is at a whole other level. We are practically blood brothers.

At some time, I’ve honestly forgotten when it started, I began using his name in my posts as a scapegoat. The rest is history from there. I like having someone I can ping randomly and I enjoy the friendships that I’ve formed online with both Gary and Danny from It is sort of a guy’s club and you have to know the secret handshake to get into the clubhouse.

Gary is a Dad Blogger and I’ve met a ton of those on WordPress. The problem is a lot of dad bloggers move on to other sports, probably softball, and give blogging up easily. My list of connections in that category fluctuates constantly because of this. I like the way Gary networks and also shares his daily life. He is a personal blogger with an opinion and I obviously respect that. I follow that.

If you are looking for a great interactive blogger to add to your daily list give his blog a try. His website is and you can tell him OM sent you. He is also great for blaming things on I hear…

-Opinionated Man


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19 thoughts on “Blogger Review #1 Gary Mathews

  1. “tell him OM sent you.”

    Oh, yeah, right. Then expect the realms of darkness to appear at your doorstep in the middle of the night in retribution. This is just a ploy to get Gary’s pressure off of you and onto someone else. Well, I wasn’t born yesterday; okay, I was, but it wasn’t late in the day!

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