5 Ways Gary “May” Have Flooded My Basement

1 – This isn’t water I am standing in.

2 – I always had the suspicion someone was living down there. I don’t go down into the basement often. It is dark, there are too many stairs, and it is kinda scary.

3 – These are really tears from Gary over Peyton Manning retiring. I understand completely because I’m sad as well.

4 – Somehow he shoved a hose through the window and ran water in from the neighbor’s home. Crafty bastard.

5 – He really clogged the toilet while using it and then disconnected the waterline to make it look like the toilet “just broke.” How do you break a toilet Gary?!?


I’m over today.

34 thoughts on “5 Ways Gary “May” Have Flooded My Basement

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  2. In honor of Mr. Manning I did have Chicken Parmesan last night and it did test “Oh so good.” Sorry about the toilet man, triple nickel night at the local Hooters was too much for my digestive tract apparently.

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  3. Of course, there is the possibiity that you left the door open when it was raining. Or your daughter’s didn’t tell you about that water balloon battle they, and their friends, had in the basement while you were at work. Or, since you don’t go down there all that often, maybe you didn’t know about the waterbed your wife had down there.

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