I see your anger. Your frustration and your news.

Your news is everywhere I turn and lately you have been so angry. At least the portion that gets told on the news.

There’s a guy in Chicago that read about Virginia today, finally because he has been busy working, and he didn’t bat an eye at the news. Because one dead person didn’t mean a whole lot next to his newspaper with the number 19 on it. That’s everyday for some and for those that live in nice neighborhoods with picket fences and neighbors that say hi constantly, that’s a world they can’t understand. That shit isn’t real. That’s in movies.

I’m tired of it all and the only thing I’ve been paying attention to is Korea. I’m selfish, I’m sorry. Yes I’m plugged in and I see your news America. I see your hate, your constant white and black struggle. I see the war and I turn my head away because I know it will still be there when I turn it back another day.

Be safe, be well all.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman



21 thoughts on “America

  1. The story of “Cain vs. Abel” is timeless, based on a universal phenomenon of human nature.
    There’s “the Hatfields vs. the McCoys”, the Protestants vs. the Catholics in Northern Ireland some time back, the Croatians vs. the Serbs, and even on the big screen we had the likes of “Star Wars” …
    …I wouldn’t doubt if even the tale of “Cain vs. Abel” itself was but a legend, a folklore based on an even more ancient universal truth.
    So Charlottesville and Barcelona are nothing new or unique in the overall history of this tired old world of ours.


  2. Trump is like the social media of politics. He has given voice to those that truly don’t deserve it. Groups like the KKK and white supremacists have always been around. They were hidden in the shadows until he became their spokesmodel. His father was arrested at a KKK rally. He refused to rent his property to blacks in his younger days. He hired Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon, avowed racists from their past actions. You don’t just turn that off. Trump’s tirade at the media was a rare glimpse at the truth of the man. It’s an ugly truth and a very scary truth.


  3. In my VERY humble opinion, I think the news media adds fuel to the flame. Since the weekend, I have heard nothing about Korea. Seems they can only report on one incident at a time? I seldom watch the “news”, I am seldom “in the know” about world happenings. When President Trump was elected, I thought maybe I should watch the news so I know what is going on? I’m back to avoiding it. They seem to report on his tweets and giving their opinion, more than on his actions…I’m back to staying in my world which is filled with love and friendship for all and LOTS of Quilty stuff.

    Good to see your post OM!


  4. Hatred is everywhere . It’s camouflaged by politeness and only rearing its ugly head when it can anonymously. We’ve seen it here.Not surprised. When one speaks out. The rebuttal is full of hate when one is a minority.


  5. Unfortunately it is possible to look away for a moment and a new drama has appeared ‘over there’.
    I noticed you posting less. I hope it’s by choice. I do believe, “This too shall pass” and hopefully sooner than later.


  6. Unfortunately, what we have here (in America) is a double-blind society. The anger and hatred of one group cannot see the anger and hatred in their own group.

    I watched the news this morning, something I rarely do, and saw people protesting against what happened, holding printed signs calling Trump a rape lover. Now, you don’t come up with a bunch of printed signs all saying the same thing without preparation, this was not spontaneous speech against what happened, but a planned protest looking for something to trigger it. There is as much hate from these people as from those whose actions initiated it. Until both groups see the evil in themselves this will continue until America falls.

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