On a personal note my knee is doing just fine thank you. It is healing nicely…

Although you’ll note some slight swelling around the outer edges of the damaged scar tissue and upper knee. I’m anticipating months of healing to come, but I’m pleased with the rate it is going.

I’m hurt no one has asked me today how my knee is after my post yesterday.

I assume people are battling equally traumatic experiences.

I understand.


52 thoughts on “Personal

  1. Sorry about your knee. I do try to keep up with your posts so I know what is going on, but with the grandsons here for the summer I have not been on the computer much. I am glad you are doing better.


  2. Hi from south west England, across the pond. Just read your bio. By coincidence I spent some time working in Knoxville (around 1988) with the Lifestar aeromedical unit in an exchange programme. I’ve also spent time in beautiful Colorado. Snow doesn’t bother me as here in the UK we get a fair bit – not as much as I encountered in Co. though.

    I’ll read more of your blog posts – I’m new to the world of blogging and I hope to gain ideas and inspiration from your site. It’s working so far!

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  5. Hi Jason, so sorry about your knee. I haven’t been on for quite some time and just trying to get back on and being motivated to post again. I have made a few posts, but not too many in the last couple weeks. I did not see your post from yesterday. Knee surgery? You should follow Doctors orders. You will be glad you did in the long run. Take care. Hugs! 🙂

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      • I am doing fine. At least as long as the heat and humidity stays away. 🙂 I have just been struggling with getting and staying motivated to keep blogging. I hadn’t posted much for most of the year. Except a few posts of some articles and stories that I liked. And lately we have lost two of our pets. A 16 year old cat, that was just very old, and one of our big dogs. He had lymphoma and died in July. I have been struggling to financially taking care of my horses and donkey and had to find homes for two of the horses and finally for the donkey. I miss her terribly. I still have my first old mare and her foal that I raised and my miniature. I hope to be able to keep them for a very long time. The mini is 29 so he may only live a few more years. That is pretty old for a horse. But he seems to be in good health. Take care and I will try to check in on you now and then. I hope all your family is doing well too. Hugs.


  6. I see lots of people worried sick about this knee, and I must say I am shocked! What about the other… Because it is un-injured it doesn’t deserve attention?? I bet it is compensating for Injured Knee as this one is getting all kind words and all…. Pffff You sad people!!! 😛

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  7. The knees take more than their share of punishment. Wife and I pedaled a tandem bike for nearly two decades, but arthritis in her right knee put a stop to that activity. Second best, I bought a Bike Friday. With her supporting me with a pickup camper I pedaled from near Yuma almost to El Passo, following along the Mexico border. It was fun, but not nearly the same. Being both licensed hams she listened for me and when I was played out she came to the rescue with coffee , sandwiches, conversation, and a place.

    I hope your knee heals quickly.

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