I share my photos on Instagram.

You can add me, but I don’t always add people back. The reason is that apparently half the people, more than half, are hot models on Instagram. That presents a problem for your average husband that browses on their phone.

“Hey whatcha looking at?”

“Ohhhh just scrolling through my Instagram feed.”

“Oh my god she looks like a model!”

“Yea and apparently she is Russian. I mean a blogger.”

“Oh my god… all of them look like models!”


“What the fuck?!?”

“I mean I don’t judge…

… fine I’ll unfollow them…”

And that is how that goes. Or maybe it doesn’t for you. Good for fucking you Gary.

Anyways, you can add me if you want. It is a new account and every photo is from my iPhone.


13 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. If you follow me you will see 200 pictures of flowers that would maybe bore you and fake make up tutorials I do to entertain my daughter who watches them daily and makes me watch them too.
    Where have you been? Did you take a month off of blogging? DidI miss something somewhere? Hope you are allright.
    You know, I don’t think I follow any guys on my instagram so I may have to follow you just to add a guy into the mix. My husband is currently boycotting my blog because it makes him sad so I guess I could look at hunky men and he would not know because he will not be looking over my shoulder. But he kind of IS the hunkiest man I know so ….shit I ramble


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