Why I have a scapegoat

I learned a long time ago it pays to have a staple name you use when referencing or making examples in situations. Particularly bad examples. My go to name is Gary, who is actually a blogger and friend of mine. I found that if I change up the names I might end up angering a large subset of humans that obviously think I’m talking about them. Suddenly my inbox is full of –

Don’t ever say the name Linda again motherfucker.”

“Hey Linda here, we are watching you.”

“If you ever say the name Linda again…”

Oh my god! Who knew there were so many Linda’s, they’d be that militaristic, and they’d all be bloggers! I blame Wonder Woman.

-Opinionated Man


26 thoughts on “Why I have a scapegoat

  1. My mom’s name happens to be Linda, and one of her nicknames is The War Department. For instance, back in the stone ages if I’d ask my dad if I could go to the mall, he’d reply, “you’d better ask The War Department first.”

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