That time I was an asshole

We will all make mistakes when blogging. Some might ask “what is a blogging mistake?” I have tons of examples!

I remember I wrote a post on racism. Now many people might steer away from such topics… wusses. I love to poke the bear and what better topic as a third party Asian in a universal black and white war? Oh come on… that was a little funny.

So I’m getting comments that day and someone makes a comment about me being yellow. I went off. Like a yellow rocket…

It wasn’t till later that I got her joke was referencing another, previous comment I had made with another blogger. Obviously I wasn’t getting her context, but what was more amusing later on was realizing I missed the humor on a topic that I had started and bred.

We’ll do that all the time as humans. We love to be the victim and I definitely was only seeing what I wanted to see. Here you might ask if I apologized to her later on.

Um, no.

I don’t do online apologies to people and I tend to think you’ll live and move on. I’ve done a few apology posts for fun, but in truth I feel social media is a fair playing field. If you can’t handle adult topics go over there… way over there.

Anyways, that was a lesson I learned. Never read sentences backwards.


21 thoughts on “That time I was an asshole

  1. Is this the same thing as choosing to use profanity in a blog? I say to each his own. If you can’t handle iffy subject matters, don’t read or engage in them! If your fragile vision can’t handle the word FUCK without an asterisk in place of the U because for some reason, that makes people “feel” better about FUCK being used in blog context… then don’t read on. Writing is our escape. It is our shield of armor and our weapon in this battlefield. Writing is our therapy and our safe haven. We have the freedom to blog about whatever the hell we wanna blog about. DO YOU BOO-BOO! Just saying. It’s not our job to make others comfy and cozy. I’m here for the fucking chaos! lol. Carry on! πŸ™‚

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  2. So many horrible comments that could be made in the pretense of humor…
    So little desire to offend. So, that said, :: !! impending rant alert !! :: Ignore it if your skin, of whatever color it may be, is too thin.

    I’ve never been called yellow until my cowardice was exposed:

    Damn it Mrs M, I can’t find a new job until I quit this one, and I can’t quit this one until I have a new one. If I just quit, I’m helpless and they damned well know it so they’ll undercut the salary offer. YES, I’m afraid, yes!! I’m afraid I’ll quit this one and search for a new one and end up no better than I was when I had this job and then have to learn a whole new set of bullshit information to do the NEW job when I already know the bullshit at the current job!!

    But enough about corporate bullshit.

    I hate racist bullshit, openly. People are in such denial, they deny that people AREN’T racists because they don’t believe in treating one race any better than their own. They deny that they ARE racists when they demand or expect preferential treatment over people of other races. And they deny that they are racists when they either secretly, or openly, mistreat people of other races and/or do nothing to prevent others from doing so. Racist bullshit is bullshit, and everyone should be treated fairly and be expected to make a positive contribution to society.

    This alleged privilege one race bitches about only exists, IF it exists, for former plantation owners’ heirs, rich corporate fuckers and insurance-company-executive-assholes, NOT for the little people. If it existed for me, I’d make a boatload of money, and I’m talking enough to fill a cruise ship, not the little shitty wooden board with a stick stuck in the middle for a paper-towel “sail” I cut out and floated on the lake when I was a kid. All I make right now is still not enough to keep the little rough cut board from sinking. My privilege should have gotten me more money, less expensive education, and better health and dental insurance, so I could afford to get tests done and medications prescribed and bought and medical treatment when needed, and chiropractic; I should be able to get what we need at the grocery store and not the church food pantry, my family should be able to go out to eat a nice dinner sometimes without saving up, and I should be able to get my family nice presents more often and more quantity/quality than at Christmas and birthday.

    Anyone who uses the label to try to make me feel like I owe someone something can go fuck themselves AFTER they apologize to me. I work hard for everything; I highly respect the law (except when they’re disrespectful, the very few). I don’t want a handout or a social pass to behave badly. The whole social and selfish agenda behind the label, and whoever is finger-pointing to claim that unfair advantage, is bullshit.

    Except when you call it out, JC, and even then, only on a case-by-case basis after I review the claim. Only THEN will I believe it’s the truth. (FUCK! Jason’s gonna banish me soon!) Sorry, Jason. Because I’m not afraid to apologize, you big … beautiful guy!

    If you don’t treat others badly and you wasted your time through this whole rant, I’m sorry. Awfully, dreadfully sorry. Terribly sorry. So, so very sorry. I’ll be going now.

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