They said to write inspiration.

So I wrote until writing hurt. I wrote my story and my soul until there was only skin left to give.

So I gave it.

I wrote until my bones held my pencil and the only thing keeping me going was the next thought that needed to be written.

So I gritted my teeth and kept writing.

I kept writing while they chatted, while they talked, while they whispered. I wrote through the pain and the tears surrounding me, around me, needing me. I wrote while the world cried and the innocent died. I wrote while the world disappeared before my eyes…

Because writing is the only thing I know how to do and at least I can do that.

So I do that.

-Opinionated Man



13 thoughts on “Writing

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  3. I use writing to escape from the voices inside my head. Sometimes I use writing to combat the demons that scream in my ear. Writing relaxes my mind and poses as a distraction from the thoughts inside my mind. I write to release pain. I write to release anger. I write when I’m happy. I write when I’m sad. It’s my life. My breath. And the very essence of who I am. If I don’t write, I’ll lose my mind. Writing is how I stay sober and mellow in a batsh*t crazy world. It’s how I keep my demons at bay. Well, that and my music playlists ;).

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