Maybe I am an asshole, but I read this and walked away angry. Not only does it sound like she wants us to pity her… but I also found the part where she yelled “your daddy’s dead” to her 14 year old and ran outside like a child stupid.

This woman sounds like a child. And the only adult just died and overworking himself taking care of her. I advise anyone not to yell at their significant other after a fucking 16 hour shift. Give me a fucking break!

-Opinionated Man


17 thoughts on “Um…

  1. I also saw that she’s DATING HIS BROTHER!!! Oh, HELL NO! Black widow works his ass to death and then kicks him to the curb. “Sleep on the couch, you jerk!” probably puts whatever shit she said mildly. And now, with the death under suspicious circumstances, possibly from choking, (on his rage, no doubt or she’d be the one who ended up dead, or, on whatever was left in the fridge that he didn’t have time to chew because he had to get a LITTLE sleep before tackling the next 16 hour shift, after their big row) I’m thinking maybe adultery and murder though, since he was never home. And if not that, they probably fought about how he should “just” find another fucking job that pays three times as much as the two he was working, like those are just lying around ready for him to scoop up. Ugh. I used to work 8AM to 5PM and 6 to 10:30PM for a while, and hated it. And we’re still ready to fight about how better jobs are “just” so fucking simple to find. It’s been a while but I would still be triggered by that discussion.


  2. She sounds like an ungrateful asshole. She should have been sleeping on the couch. Poor man, those poor children.
    Yeah, great message, don’t go to bed angry. How about having respect to begin with not after the guy has worked himself to death


  3. Very sad story. I can’t say how I would honestly react to waking up to find my husband dead other than freaking out, numb, devastated, etc.. I don’t think that she should’ve said your dad’s dead the way she did, but then again, the media has a way of twisting the truth to cause an uproar. Just my opinion.


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