Don’t Engage Trolls

It may seem funny that Opinionated Man advises against engaging trolls… but there is a reason for everything. I’ve found that like religion and politics, trolls will never change. In fact, they aren’t real people when they are trolling you because “trolling” is an action. You aren’t going to change anyone’s mind midstream.

I learned my lesson the hard way on this one. There was a time not so long ago that I felt on top of the world. I felt untouchable and I egged people on when they confronted me. It was entertaining, it was thrilling, and it was honestly blogging to me. You see I come from the forum days, the days when everyone wasn’t your friend. You found out quickly that in fact most people don’t care about you and online that uncaring nature can quickly turn to aggression.

The first “knock knock knock” on my door from law enforcement let me know that some bloggers care a ton about the words said online. Some bloggers feel threatened while making threats. Some bloggers feel so big until they are so small that they have to call the police on you to make themselves feel better. I learned that those “some bloggers” are far more numerous than I thought. After years of receiving threats and nasty emails, I finally found myself on the other side of the line. Apparently people felt threatened by ME and that entitled them to try and have me policed. All the lines were erased from that point forward.

I almost stopped blogging because of all this… all this blogging going on. It is still amazing to me that regardless if you are in the real world or the virtual, still you can hurt feelings and make people feel left out. You can virtually shut the door on people’s toes and they get really offended, they get upset. They get angry and mad, and in turn they try to get even. They try to shut you down, shut down your blog, shut down your words. And after all is said and done you have to ask yourself one question… is this all worth it?

-Opinionated Man




24 thoughts on “Don’t Engage Trolls

  1. Dang…What did you SAY? :O

    I’ve gotten threatened as well, somebody who didn’t like what I posted and threatened to sue…Another one who threatened me for quoting with proper attribution….It can be scary! Meanwhile, I remember forums and IRC channels where people would say all sorts of nasty and trolling things without anybody suing anybody. The most that happened was usually a perma-ban.


  2. I get facebook trolls horribly and I wonder if it is worth it all the time. So I deactivate my facebook but I’ve put so many pictures on there that I like to go look at and it seems most of my family only engage me on facebook. Apparently I don’t exist for communication if not on facebook.
    Glad yyou hung in there and learned not to engage. I still fall for it. I haven’t learned yet. I’m working on it though.


  3. I have post traumatic stress as a result of the years I spent on a forum where I was labeled a troll. I had someone threaten me with legal action because of things that were said on my blog but the police have yet to knock on my door.

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  4. Well, shit. YOU WOULD post this just when I was gonna start antagonizing that guy, you know, Jason Cushypants, because you know, I’m insecure about my writing and stuff and he’s a really GOOD writer and just ripe for a bullying… Nevermind. Fuck it, the police are probably already on their way to my secret bunker. DON’T CALL the PO-PO JASON!! I mean it. I only have a single bottle of bourbon, there’s not enough to go around. But you, any time you’re in the neighborhood, c’mon over and we’ll commiserate or shoot at trolls and wild rabbits from the back porch or something.

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