A Blogging Conversation

I have a few questions for you! I have around 300 followers… how do I get to my goal of a million views?” Get more followers. You probably won’t reach 1 million views with only 300 readers unless they are 300 crazy stalkers. If you get 1 million views off that few people you may want to change your name and lock your doors because you probably wrote something viral for the wrong reason.

I want to grow my blog and I network some… but where do I go to just advertise my blog and have people come visit?” Have you tried sign spinning? That has become super popular lately. I watched a guy spin a sign for almost ten minutes once and he even sold me on a sandwich!!! It was as good as the sign said!

How do you get people to comment?” Easy. Write something they can’t help but comment on OR try commenting on their blog first. Obligation is an awesome hook.

How do I get people from my WordPress blog to my new self-hosted? I keep reminding people it exists and it is a ton of work. Is there an easier way?” No.

I see tons of people, like yourself, that write poorly and have tons of subscribers. How did you do that?” I started by first not proclaiming I am an awesome writer and instead allowed people to judge for themselves. Also you’d be amazed how your sense of entitlement will come off in your writing and tone. Maybe you are turning people off and you don’t even know it. Maybe you aren’t such a great writer after all? I know I am not.

I keep making new blogs because I am trying to find my niche. I can’t seem to find it.” Stop making new blogs and form your blog around your interests… not your interests around your blog. Show us yourself and people will decide if they like what they see.

I try to write openly, but my family reads my blog and I am afraid of what they will say about my words.” How old are you? If you are old enough to stand up on your own two feet… fucking grow a pair. Jesus!

-Opinionated Man




40 thoughts on “A Blogging Conversation

  1. I think you are a great writer. A lot of folks who write in a more sophisticated style are just more pretentious. This oddly reminds me of a time at work I remarked that one of my coworkers could type incredibly fast. His rival commented, “He’s not the fastest. Just the loudest.”

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  2. LMFAO this was such an eye opener. Also- I have all these questions too (except that one about how you suck as a writer and I don’t because realistically I’m at the total opposite end of the narcissism-spectrum. I will never deem myself a legit writer and that’s the struggle really… lol) But anyways, thank you for being fucking awesome. I’m low key but I have been following you for what seems like forever. Never a dull moment.

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  4. Sometimes, I hit the jackpot and get many views on specific posts. Sometimes, readership rate is dismal. Sometimes, the result is just the normally “okay” for my blog. My only constant is I never post anything I don’t like. So even if it doesn’t seem to be about the kind of thing people would search for, or would consider reading, I blog about it anyway.

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  5. “How do you get people to comment?” Easy. Write something they can’t help but comment on

    I actually did that once, I commented on how OM was an awesome person and fantastic blogger. I got 1m views in one day! Of course, most were either threats or comments around the marital status of my parents, but a view is a view, right? Of course, now, I have to seek asylum in case the threats are real…do they grant asylum at Cheyenne Mountain?

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  6. Mr OP, how do you go viral? Must you post high quality CONTENT? I spent 19.95 on about four different “How to go Viral” self tutorials yet the only thing viral about me is this damn cold I can’t shake!

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