You Are Not Alone

Remember that you are not alone and it is almost impossible to feel a new feeling. Someone has felt what you feel, has wanted what you want…

Someone else has felt so alone that they didn’t see the smiling faces before their eyes. Instead all they saw each day was a hope to die. A hope they cried from crying eyes.

It is hard to remember you are not alone when you feel alone inside. An emptiness that can’t be filled, that can’t be hidden.

You drink until you can’t drink anymore and your lips spit back your attempts. You smoke till you are higher than life. Till you are so high that your problems have become too small to see.

But now you are all alone because to escape from your problems means you must also hide from your friends. So you hide.

I have hidden parts of me until I am a walking shadow. A human struggle that strives to ignore the conflict and just live… but you can’t live until you have faced the night.

So you face that night.

You scream and yell until the world hears your presence. Until you don’t feel alone anymore.



18 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone

  1. It is interesting how you can be surrounded by people, yet be very alone. I read a blog post recently that said something about turning your head and looking at that person that is alongside you supporting you. I turn my head, and there is no one there. Part of it is that I feel like I spend too much time and energy supporting other people.

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  2. This post sings the story of my life. I’ve often felt like I’m alone in this world and that my problems, my desires and hopes and dreams, and my experiences have never been experienced by anyone else before me. So I often feel like no one will understand and as an effect, that no one will care. Recently, I’ve desired independence so that I could stand on my own two feet but things took a turn for the worst. I now can only stand on one foot and I’m still jobless having just recently graduated from college (with the promise of a job upon graduation). I feel stuck and all alone, as though no one else has tried what I have tried and failed. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone :).

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