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Sometimes people email me for writing advice and I don’t give it. The reason is because my writing is very poor and I have been known to post anything. There are many bloggers that write perfect posts weekly. They spend time editing, editing again, and re-editing the editing they’ve done and I applaud that. We need great posts out there!

Then there is me.

I use my blog as a sounding board for what I am doing, thinking, or considering to think or do in the moment. It is my twitter, my facebook, my Myspace (hahaha), and my blog. I treat it that way and because of that I turn readers off daily who are looking for a professional blog. Some explanation for why my numbers are what they are.

People judge your blog off one post. You have one post to impress upon them what you are trying to accomplish not only in the blogosphere, but in life period. Go.

Depending on what post you land on with my blog… you might have incredibly different impressions of me. One post I am a pathetic, grieving adoptee that might jump off a cliff one day. Another post I am an arrogant jerkoff that is really annoyed his fries were cold because he paid the extra $0.75 to super size them. That is blogging though and we all live under that same pressure and requirement when it comes to new readers or readers in general.

I don’t write for perfection here. Sometimes I flex and try new things, but that was mainly during my graveyard shifts when I was really, really, truly really bored. I am not bored right now. I am super fucking busy with my day job and everything lately either seems to be great or really fucking awful! But that is life.

When I was in elementary I tested for advanced English classes and was put into that program early. Because we were such geniuses no one taught us how to use commas properly or where the fuck this symbol ; goes in a sentence. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the number of words on each side and a need to balance the sentence out…

I don’t know how to write well. I only know how to write and we all know how to write.

Just write. If you want to learn proper punctuation or grammar take some classes. Don’t ask me, spellcheck just told me grammer is spelled grammar. I will say that when it comes to the creative writing courses I’ve taken I have grown wary of the advice of too many people. Sometimes we have to retain a little bit of ourselves, that rawness that makes our writing our own. Sometimes those rules, those restrictions that can so easily be broken by the power of a blog, are meant to be broken to allow us a voice.

At least I hope that is true because that is what I live by daily here.

-Opinionated Man



45 thoughts on “Writing Advice

  1. Love this post. I’m one of those bloggers who checks, and rechecks, then recheck the rechecks then possibly edits, and then we start all this crap of checking all over again. It takes more time to make sure spelling and grammar are correct than writing the post. 🙂

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  2. Just yesterday or today I recalled, years ago, getting reader reactions for two novels I wrote. Despite years of training with grammar/punctuation/spelling, and poring over writing books to polish my work, and lots of time spent editing and re-editing to perfect my sentences and make them POP–several people thought my writing style was boring.

    But when I wrote an e-mail describing a trip, or in first-person sections of my novels, people loved the writing style there. Yet because it was an e-mail or a fictional diary entry, I didn’t bother following all the writing rules. Hmmmm….That kind of thing makes me want to write my novels first-person. 😛

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  4. I cannot express how much I love this post. I, for one, truly enjoy your writing style. I find it brutally honest and I appreciate the ‘slice of life’ angle you give voice too. I am very new to the blogosphere and every day I’m toying with ideas and advice for my blog so I really appreciate what you have said here. You are a gifted writer…

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