Maybe I’m just a moody boy, but I could care less what “royals” do around the world. I don’t care that some Nigerian Prince going to school in London got to marry an Iranian model and have some 50 million dollar wedding.

I don’t care that Princess Kate caught some Countess and kept her from falling down on the ground like a regular peasant.

I don’t care about the Obamas, the Bushes, or what Chelsea Clinton thinks… about anything.

I hate people that think they are royalty when they are really just as common as the guy who delivered my pizza last night.

Everyone on television shows, the girls on MTV Teen Mom that act entitled and horrible to their parents (attitudes that are impressions on our own kids who might watch this crap). Those are the people I can’t stand.

I hate how big a deal it is for a peasant to be picked to marry a royal who is only royal because his or her family oppressed all the other families before anyone thought of doing that. The media wants us to care and the “royalty” HAVE to make us care. They have to because they must remind you why you still need them around. Walking role models of aspirations you won’t ever reach.

I changed my mind.

I don’t hate royalty today.

I think I just hate people in general.


29 thoughts on “Royalty

  1. If people could just step off their pedestals and realize everyone has to wipe their butt . I haven’t found a recent person I “like” in some time now. I stick with the oldies but goodies in my life. People are entitled dicks whether they are walking the runway down the sidewalk or going to a restaurant wtih you.
    Can we have a real conversation I ask them. And by all means, take off the fucking scarf! We live in FLorida! It is not necessary!

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  2. The concept of royalty is an interesting one. Especially nowadays when the “royal” ancestors have all but died off and everyone’s probably related to them in one way or another.

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  3. I find the notion of “royals” fucking laughable, especially in this day and age. I’m with you. I don’t give two shits about some family who lives large off the toil and trouble of their constituents. The people who fawn over them are even more pathetic.

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