Elitch Garden

We took the girls to Elitch for the first time there! Their uncle Pheng took them a few months back, but I had never been. I know, I don’t talk about my kids much and I try to keep the details of my family life private.

You can’t not share a theme park experience! It was so fun! We were one of the first people in the gate because 10:30 am when the park opens is LATE to a family with young kids. It was a Thursday so the lines were nonexistent and we did the barrel river ride where the water shoots up in front of you and then you get soaked! I’ve never done that ride before and I felt like a kid from the thrill. The girls were a little less thrilled and closed their eyes…

We attempted to slow it down by trying an airplane ride in the kid area, but I have grown white knuckled in my old age. I was scared. We were almost totally sideways in the air and I felt the bar move up a bit and the damn seat made a pop sound. Nearly gave me a heart attack as I held Gracie close to me. I actually started counting how many times the plane went up and down, mathematically figured how many times they could economically afford to do it each ride and not break it, and prayed to the few gods left that listen to me that we would “land soon.” I’ve been on bus rides in Seoul that were less harrowing of an experience.

After that we, mostly me, decided we would try calmer things. We headed to the Ferris Wheel and made it to our first line which only had about ten people in it. Not a line at all. My girls watched as the wheel spun around and people began to get off cart by cart as the attendant loaded new groups in. She asked each person in line how many were with them at each turn. As the last group was getting off, she turned and asked the three girls in front of us, I assumed were together, if they were ready to get on. The older of the three, probably around sixteen years old, grabbed her friend and they got on leaving behind a girl that looked like she was the same age as my daughters.

“Are you with someone?” the Ferris Wheel worker asked her with confusion on her face as she looked around for her mom. I was also looking around because I had been paying attention and was concerned.

“No, I’m by myself,” she said in a determined voice.

The park employee looked confused and finally began replying “let me ask these people I just let on if you can ride with them…” when I cut in.

“She can ride with my daughters,” I quickly said. “It is no big deal.”

The worker looked thoroughly relieved and she even let us skip the line and get on first. As the ride started off with a stutter and we got our first glimpse of beautiful mountains and downtown Denver, we came to find out this little girl was just going into the second grade and was here with her mom and grandmother who were over “there.” I smiled and watched as my girls befriended her like I knew they would and it was at that moment I remembered my new fear of heights…

As we got off the ride my wife touched my shoulder and said “that was very kind.”

To me it wasn’t about being kind. It was the right thing to do and I only hope if my children were ever in a situation alone, some kind adult would help them as well.

-Opinionated Man



17 thoughts on “Elitch Garden

  1. I love this story. This experience that you shared. The little girl’s mother over THERE I have seen many times. My daughter always made a friend at an amusement park. There was always that one. I don’t share much about my daughter either nor my husband. But they exist!!! Just not so much in blogging world. BUT you kind of had to with the amusement park story right! The airplane part…i really did love the mathematical part!

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  2. I was in a similar situation once. A young child refused to get on an escalator and her mother had already gone up. She was quite distressed to see her mother at the top knowing she was at the bottom. I just grabbed her hand and took her up without a second thought. She could see her mom at the top but was afraid to do it alone.
    Sometimes you just have to step in.

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