I just went OFF on two people and I don’t feel better. I feel like kicking a unicorn in the nuts.

No phone call, no notice, no door bell ring, no authorization. My kids were home with the wife.

In Colorado if you come into someone’s backyard without permission you might just get an ass full of buckshot. Tennessee and Mississippi as well, if my memory serves right.

Two tickets, no resolution, and a “can we consider this resolved sir?”

No it isn’t fucking resolved you fucking butt pirate!!!!!!! Next time I’m calling the cops and if this had happened on the new grass I’m having put in TODAY I would have sued your asses.

Jason Cushman


21 thoughts on “Comcast

  1. We have the same problem. We finally got so fed up, we cut as much Comcast as we could and went to TIVO which we love! We still have to use them for internet, but we went from $270.00 a month to $100.00. Karma will arrive in the form of Google fiber. You’ll get yours Comcast!!! Sheesh, I sound like a psychopath! ๐Ÿ™‚


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