Pen thieves

You really have to watch out for pen thieves and they are everywhere like people that take your lighter! Many don’t even know they are pen thieves! Incredibly right? They’ll walk right off with your belonging and not give it a second thought. I’ve encountered these people while working in restaurants and in offices, and it is infuriating!

I propose pen theft be given a minimum of one hundred years in prison.

Per pen.

-Opinionated Man


47 thoughts on “Pen thieves

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  2. I generally lock up everything in my office (stapler, hole puncher, etc.), especially my good ink pens (I love bold or medium-ink gel pens) and leave the ones that I don’t like in the pencil holder on my desk.

    I once had $3.00 stolen out of my purse that was in my desk drawer and I was the lowest-ranking employee in the office at the time. You couldn’t lock them at that time. Since that time, I’ve seen coins stolen from a glass jar, food stolen from office refrigerators, money stolen from an envelope for the office water club and the claim of a coat stolen during a Christmas party !! So I lock everything up.

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  3. A am a personal pen carrier and I do not use other peop;e’s pens because i do not want their snot germs or their fragrant scents on my hand so I have my own handy dandy pen that stays with me at all times. I am also not a sharer of my own personal pen. You want a pen. Steal someone elses!

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  4. Yes, pen theft should be a crime. I’ve lost a few good pens because the “thief” is in a hurry and forgets to leave the pen. Grrrr! I’ve also had a few ASK me for my pen because it was a good one. I politely say “no.”

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  5. OMG Jason, I am so with you on this one… I had a pathological pen stealing co-worker last year. I just “knew” it was him who took my pens one by one… And I couldn’t help it, I went into Sherlock Holme’s mode one day. I painted a ring of liquid paper around a pen, put the cap on it to dissimulate the marking, and left the bait on my desk. Of course, it was gone in a flash, and I confronted him…

    Me: “Did you ‘borrow’ my pen?”
    Him: “Euhhhh No”
    Me: “Could you remove the cap from it, please?” (showing the liquid paper ring)
    Him: “…..”
    Me: “Yeah…. That’s my pen…..”

    He didn’t seem too impressed with my detective skills… But it was a feel good moment for me! Hahahaha

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