Well things are moving along here. I went out with the guys last night, had a few drinks at a spot called Gordon Biersch brewery and we were able to catch up. I don’t have many friends since moving out here in Colorado because I am busy being a father, busy working, and busy not out trying to make new friends. It is nice that I have a small circle and an even smaller circle I feel obligated to keep up with. I am very bad at keeping up with people and have friends left behind in many states I haven’t talked to in years. Life happens. We move on.

There are whispers again about a promotion. Now you’ll recall I was hesitantly optimistic about this “promotion” oh… six months ago. Now it may finally happen. I’m going to hold the fireworks though and I honestly have no idea if or what the promotion will be. I work very hard at my day job because when I do things I do them well. I don’t half ass shit and I can do more than one thing at once. You’d be surprised how many people can’t actually do that… more than one thing at once. And yet this is one of the most common traits people brag about “I’m such a multi tasker.” Ok, let’s define that… doing four things at “once” and leaving two undone and one fucked up at the end isn’t multi tasking. It is sucking ass and trying to do more than you can obviously handle.

I have this little buzz in the back of my head that keeps bugging me to write something longer than a post. But I have a ton going on as I am sure all of you do.

I taught both my daughters how to ride bikes in the past two months! I am thrilled and I can’t believe how proud I was. You’d think no one had ever ridden a bike before. I was so happy I went out and got a bike for myself!

We also went and got one for my wife.

The first day we rode all around the neighborhood and it was exactly how I pictured it.

It was perfect.




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  1. If you work half as hard at work as you have done over the years at your blog i fully expect you to get that promotion. Fingers crossed.
    Congrats on teaching your girls to cycle.

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