26 thoughts on “Polenta

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve checked your site on a browser and not my phone. How long has this new theme been up? It’s nice. 🙂 I googled Polenta, and it looks kinda like Grits. Except yknow.. with cheese.

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  2. A common accompaniment to a dish, I live in Switzerland, but cook it now and again with meat. It is originally an Italian based food, but Switzerland not being far from Italy, we are strongly influenced by Italian cooking. Polenta is a cooked cornmeal of the finer kind as shown in your photo. I usually mix it with butter and parmesan cheese when finished. There is also another sort known as “bramata”. It is the same but the cornmeal is much more granular and needs constant stirring until cooked. I like that very much.

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  3. I love me some polenta just boiled until firm and summered in robust Italian tomato sauce but I have to admit crispy fried with butter is a good way to go too. If it is firm enough it can even be BBQ’d on mesh to get it crispy for a summer dinner. A sweet polenta cake sounds intriguing too. ~~dru~~

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  4. Awesome! My husband also recently tried polenta and “hey Mikey, he likes it!” He’s one of those picky guys who refuses to try anything, so I was quite excited. We also went and had some of those hand dipped corn dogs, fancy ones home made, and he said, this is kind of like deep fried polenta. Well, there ya go.

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  5. That’s so funny! I’ve been thinking of Polenta for days, if not longer. We had it at an Italian restaurant up in Missouri, where we were visiting family. It was the first time I’d had polenta, and I agree, it was amazing! So good. 🙂

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