I judge parents. I judge them all the time because I’m a parent and it is impossible to not compare.

I don’t always say my criticisms, but I am thinking them. Who here is really able to control that? I internally shake my head when you try and befriend your child instead of parenting them. I mumble to myself when you wonder why little Johnny is always getting hurt because you never use the word “NO” to your little angel. I judge your home, your actions, and your inaction. I am a parent and I can’t help but judge you by the standard I hold myself to.

People sometimes wonder if other parents or adults are criticizing them mentally while they struggle with their kids. We are. We all are. The ones that claim they don’t judge are only saying that because they don’t need to judge you anymore, they already have.

Have you ever seen a parent use the word “please” in a million different ways? Please means no, please means please, and please also means “I’m serious this time.”

Please… if you don’t get upstairs and do what I told you now! You’ll learn what please really means!

I’m glad I don’t have a son. I would have been incredibly hard on him because as a parent, I am here to parent. My kids can make friends at school. They can make friends with cool uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

I’m a father. I’m here to parent and not to be your best bud. I don’t use the word “please.” I tell them to do things because that’s what you have to do to be a real parent.

-Opinionated Man


36 thoughts on “Parenting

      • Definitely! I didn’t raise my kids like that, at all … and when we had a little bit of trouble (think they were 13 and 8), I removed Christmas … and got them to do jobs, save their money and buy christmas presents for kids that had been removed from their parents and put in Care.
        No more complaining. No more self entitlement πŸ˜‰

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  1. Since summer break started I’ve watched a couple episodes of Strictest Parents In The World where UK teens get shipped off to families where parents say “no” and all of a sudden… they start to rethink being entitled little jerks… it’s a miracle!

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  2. I have a daughter and completely agree with you. I find that too many kids these days are pampered by parents who almost tip-toe around their own children. Those are the types that grow up to be disobedient to their parents and much more challenging when they become young adults.

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  3. I know people judge me. Especially when I sit down in a restaurant with my son and order food for myself but not him. I do give him my chicken bones occasionally, after I’ve eaten 90% of the meat off them.
    P.S. For anyone reading this who doesn’t know me, this is not a joke.

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  4. I truly appreciate this because I struggle with the idea maybe I’m too hard on my children. Who are now 12,14,17. My oldest daughter will be graduating next week. A year early. She has overcome so many odds of tragedy. As a mother, an adult, I’m to guide and protect her. Sometimes I think I failed. I always said my house my rules fall in line. I wouldn’t budge in many ways. I am her friend but more importantly I’m her mother, her guidance counselor, her driver, her life coach, her cheer leader, I want to say protector but I failed in that aspect.

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    • Someone once told me that no matter how hard we are on our kids we know deep down if we are doing the right thing. The right thing isn’t always judged by smiles and high fives. It is judged by health, support, and responsible action.


  5. I think the “judging” part doesn’t come into play until those thoughts are given voice. We all judge and compare, but we don’t all tell the person those thoughts in our head. I totally agree with you… we’re their parent not their best friend. That will come later when they’re grown.

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