You shouldn’t say that


We had social media come into our lives and then people started sharing their lives. Then there was the inevitable backlash and people’s claims of oversharing abuse.

“You shouldn’t say that,” has been a line said to me often on this website and that comes when you freely display your opinions. That comes when you micro blog and spit posts out as if you are tweeting and not even editing… no one would do that here I swear…

I’ll say what I want. Not just to say it or to cause a commotion. I’ll never go viral, so I don’t do it for views

I say it because the only thing more annoying than a said thought you disagree with is the unsaid thought that spins endlessly in your head. Can you hear that shit? That grinding, gerbil wheel spin that comes when you didn’t say that thought you had. You didn’t grab that opportunity and you didn’t confront that person.

Instead you went home and thought about it some more. Fuck it. We are blogging about it instead.



32 thoughts on “You shouldn’t say that

  1. Okay, I’m gonna play a form of devil’s advocate. Recently a comment was made on a WP blog post and it got my attention. Mainly because it had nothing to do with the post and the author complained about her inability to log in to her blog for a very long time, like a year. My curiosity led me to find out why and I ended up on her blog.

    I was horrified and understood why WP had banned her (WordPress can do that). She lives in the UK, but not born here and in 2013 a drummer named Lee Rigby was stabbed to death in London and during the day. The two men who murdered him were affiliated with the most extreme level of Islam (side note: just worried whether I could say that or not!) and these men were proud of what they did, etc.. so this blogs author publicly posted that it she doesn’t blame the two men, but in fact it’s the fault of ‘The Western World’ mainly UK and America for making them do it. This was just one of her rants, all her posts were in the same vain.

    So, the question is: Is that okay for her to say because it’s merely her opinion? And, was WordPress right, or wrong, to ban her?

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      • Good point, because it’s true. Another attack of terrorism has just happened here in England. I’m sure they’ll be some who’ll have a field day with this. But, it’s their opinions at the end of the day. And I know by now that they feel the reasons behind it are both valid and make sense. Sadly, that can’t be argued with however much devastation is created. This is another sad day 😢


  2. Nowadays we are just to DAMN sensitive. You can’t speak your mind without offending someone. Is like everything must be censored 🤦🏿‍♀️ even if it’s the DAMN truth. I feel you on this one. Continue speaking your truth.

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  3. Omg that sound whhhhyyyy….😩
    Like that time a lady screamed at me for walking out the in door at Walmart. “Idiot!!!”
    Oh but when you finally do start asserting yourself though…that’s a nice feel. (:
    lol the internets…problem is we never really…defined it? Like those old men in D.C. Trying to figure out how to make international, non physical laws lol. Can’t be done bc it belongs to no one. And everyone. So just be human. Ppl respect that and it’s contagious. In fact it was you who did it for me…you just said shit and I realized that’s what I wanted for myself. The balls to be myself while respecting others right to do the same. I’m working on it. You keep it up. -b

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  4. Your blog, your space, your thoughts. The problem with too many people these days is the inability to scroll right on by something they disagree with without trolling, rather than engaging in thoughtful conversation, or just leaving it be.

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