You Aren’t A Real Minority

I don’t know why we have to compete over who is more in need. Who is more in pain or who feels more forgotten.

“You aren’t a true minority” has been said to me countless times. It’s been said to me over my last name because now that I’m a Cushman I can’t relate to minority pain anymore. I’m white now to them.

But Asians aren’t oppressed and don’t know the struggle. We don’t? You mean the ridicule, mockery, and aggression from all you other fine races? Asians don’t get beaten, picked on, or degraded. We don’t get used for our good work ethic and the fact that Chang never complains? Really? How fucking ignorant can you be?

Asians are just as much a minority here and everywhere. We are sadly sometimes a minority in our own places of escape. The only difference between us is that you rarely see Asians complain or ask for more. You rarely see us demand equality and instead you see us work our asses off for it. For ourselves.

The next person that tells me I’m not a real minority better be prepared. I’ll tell you everything I am and everything I think you’re not.

-Opinionated Man

Jason Chandler Cushman



37 thoughts on “You Aren’t A Real Minority

  1. What if I told you were ALL minorities? Or better yet, none of us are.

    What if it’s just another straw man set up to keep us all fighting…divide and conquer kinda thing? I’m not an alarmist but someone should break the glass…

    If oppression = minority then yeah, that’s us. All of us.
    I’ve been the minority in all of the many schools I attended in my life, as far as bad treatment goes. I was just a target…who knows why. But I was beaten up many a time. Name calling was the soundtrack of my life they made it a sport to make me feel bad
    Their favorite name for me was “little white girl…”
    so now I’ll be blackballed for being white and claiming to be a victim of racism but…true things are true. And actually I am nobody’s victim. Ever.

    Thing is I still don’t hold it against any of them. We were just dumb kids. All of us hurt someone at some point. Let it go.
    My point is just that fighting is stupid. So are these labels were using Ffs so antiquated! I quit. We don’t have to live in our parents world anymore guys…
    Anyway great post as usual. I also recommend asking ppl questions when they do annoying shit. Ask any/everything that pops in your head like a kid would do. The results are fascinating at the very least. Xoxo

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  2. Asians experience racism as much as anyone else. I’ve heard them being called rice eaters and then there have been generations of cruel persons who make slant eyes whenever they see an Asian person. That’s just for starters.

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  3. This is a long needed post. I often notice racism and bigotry towards Asians on tv and I am appalled how they are allowed to get away with it. Please note though that not everyone thinks like the bigots and ignorant people you have come across. I for one have never uttered those words, neither have I shouted or screamed for equality. I also work hard for everything I’ve got (quietly). ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I’m down with that. Who is a minority these days? I live in Spain and there is definite rascism towards Asians. Whenever students comes across Asians in a text book they are always Chinese – Chino. When I showed a video of how I taught around the world and worked in Thailand, they were all Chinos. It makes me sad/sick/annoyed that they are so ignorant, and normaly I try to educate, but what I really need to do is speak with their parents. Have a great weekend, and I hope no one says you’re not a real minority.

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