35 thoughts on “Daily Opinion – Racism

  1. Why do we still check boxes based on how well we tan or where one of our ancestors were born? I heard once that “people don’t really want to change”. Like we are sitting in a luke warm pot on the stove, afraid to venture into the ocean’s possibilities because the unknown depths scare us.
    Labels and identifying us versus them is a social construct, not human nature.
    I’m tired of checking boxes.
    Fabulous Stream of Comments you inspired.

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  2. It’s putting your group apart. If ‘fellowship’ means something like brothers, both words are the same: apart from the rest. In the old days it was forced to be put apart, now they sign up for beïng apart from the rest. I can understand in a way they want to say thank you to their ancestors, but they better would do that another time. Graduate with everybody else because it’s possible now(!) and after that a kind of ceremony apart to do the speeches and things and share it with those who want to be there, no matter what race. These kind of things will only work the other way around: people will dislike the fact they’re going apart and that will just encourage segregation in general. I dont understand…

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  3. To answer your question, I think it promotes segregation. That said, so did the 9K+ less-than-fellowship-promoting comments following the article. So, while the idealist in me continues to root for true fellowship – human fellowship – the whole thing bums me out.

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  4. Weeeeelll Now that the subject has digressed to focusing on the president…
    Back to the original question.
    Any time a community of people is set aside, there is segregation. My feeling and I’m of mixed blood is that advancements do not come through separation. I would personally feel condescension, as if they are giving me a pat on the head. “There, there now, are you special?” I don’t believe and never wanted to be treated differently, so I was always adverse to playing the race card. Not because I think I’m better than others but because I see myself as an equal. When organizations and groups set up funding and programs based on race, then they are saying I’m not good enough to make it as an equal. When I was passed up based on being “white”, I was pressured to use the race card. That’s bullshit! Funding, grants and other programs should be based on merit, not color or ethnicity. Graduation programs should be based on achievement. If I didn’t make it then perhaps I needed to work harder, do better. How can anyone achieve greatness if everything is handed to me?

    I think schools should be based on merit and not who has the deeper pockets. Ideally that should be so, but it isn’t the case because those deep pockets keep the doors open. So, how to remedy that?

    The film Hidden Figures was far more inspirational to the black race, because these women beat the odds based on intelligence not quotas. Films like this should unite us not divide us. Unfortunately, for some it just stokes the fires of hate. That is history and needs to remain as such and instead let us be inspired by their achievement not focus on the attitude of the time. Well, that’s my rant of the day. Sigh.

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  5. In my country (NZ), Tanagta Whenua (Maori – which is what I am) have an option of attending either the ‘mainstream’ graduation or the Maori graduation. (Some universities do this for every culture). I did mainstream. Because I worked my ass off in a room full of pale faces for years; there was no way in hell I was going to separate myself for the graduation part. Did it build inclusivity – Nope. Did I feel part of ‘the community’ – Nope.
    That part should happen when you first set foot onto campus. Unfortunately, for most ‘minorities’ (even in their country of origin) this isn’t the case. A seperate graduation, IMO, is just lip service and tokenism and definitely lends itself to separatism when done that way. Celebrating in your own cultures way, on your own terms, is a different story though 🙂

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  7. I think the intentions are good but this is a bad idea. Even though this time it seems that the minority groups are the ones in charge and promoting the separation, it is reminiscent of segregation. This is not the same as Black History Month or Black Entertainment Television. It’s more akin to segregated proms. It is dividing a group of students who are all experiencing the same event in to different groups based on their skin color. I’m just waiting for the shit to hit the fan when a student of mixed race wants to attend the black graduation ceremony and they’re told they’re ‘not black enough’.

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  8. The last sentence in the article says, “On 23 May, Harvard University will also hold its third annual graduation ceremony for students of Latin American descent.”

    Apparently they’re already doing this for the Latino graduates. I can sort of see both sides of this, but if it’s really about building community shouldn’t be about building the whole community? Segregation was viewed as a slight 50-60 years ago. And wouldn’t it be more of a victory lap for these graduates and their families if they marched across that stage in front of the entire community, especially the ones they see as holding them back?

    It’s easy for me to say. I’m white. It just seems to me that fostering segregation is taking a giant step backward.

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  9. I don’t know. I see the students’ point. But I’m sure other families made sacrifices to have their sons and daughters walk that stage too. Of any and all races. It seems to just be sticking another wedge in the divide, one that appears to be getting wider rather than more narrow. I’m not sure I’m a fan. But, I wasn’t a Harvard grad, so it’s not really up to me.

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    • Well I’ll say what everyone won’t say. This is exactly what causes more segregation. So let’s say next week the other cultural groups (because dare we remind America there are more than just blacks and whites here) all want their own ceremonies because of THIS one. That’s how this causes segregation if people actually want to be “fair.”

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      • I have to go with it promoting segregation. My test has always been to insert another minority and see if it still sounds fair. I am of Eastern European background, culturally far different that Westerners, what if I replaced Black with Russian? Does it still sound like a good policy?

        Regarding the slavery issue, there isn’t a culture in the world that wasn’t a slave to some other culture. If we keep using it as a point of separation then we, as a nation, will never be able to move past it and heal. There are five steps to the healing process, we are stuck in step 3 – bargaining. We have to get beyond that into acceptance before we can move into healing.

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      • I agree. I don’t get it. You’d think we’d be past all the divisiveness and fear of what’s different. Maybe I’m naive. It’s been going on since the dawn of man. Not sure why I’d think we suddenly learned our lesson. All the time, effort, and blood spent during the civil rights movement seems all for naught now. The bumbling boob in the White House….er, I mean in Mar a Lago, is evidence that there are still plenty of people who are in favor of dividing us. Pisses me off to no end.

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          • “It” makes me want to vomit. Still can’t believe “it” is in this position. Tell ya’ one thing though, can’t wait for mid-term elections. Every republican up for re-election should be summarily kicked to the curb. Let these out of touch leeches go back to the real world and actually have to work for a living.

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          • Now the two of you (Carolyn, SOB) know how I felt about BO, he stunk. He did nothing but his best to divide America, and Congress. Excellent example is how easily his “signature accomplishment” is being undone. And why? Because he bypassed the back-and-forth debate that creates a great and lasting bill by forcing it through an illegal process. Now, when we have the opportunity to craft a new, better, healthcare bill one half of Congress chooses to not be part of the debate process so they can blame the other side for doing what they did in the first place, like a baby having a tantrum.

            Yes, DT is forcing bills through Congress, but in his case it is because the Dems are refusing to be part of the process, unlike when BO was in charge (can’t call him leader because he didn’t lead) and the Reps were not invited to be part of the process, but, rather, were shunned.

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