I wake up to a sick stomach. A sour feeling that tastes like I’ve been eating kimchi all night in my sleep. It’s been known to happen.

I take a couple of these pills and crunch on a few tablets. The door of my mini fridge squeaks when I open it and I wince while quickly looking over at my sleeping wife. Most women don’t like to be woken and I’ve found they get particularly angry when it is almost any kind of chip in the bed. Maybe women hate chips? I dunno…

I drink the bottle of water I’ve gotten from the fridge while staring out of my bedroom window. The small window in between our bedroom and the bathroom has the best partial view of the mountains you can find from my home… if you look just over there in between those two more expensive homes across the street. Hey, it is what it is, and I really can’t complain since I get the most beautiful Colorado drive to work every day.

Waters done and I want a scotch. Hell I’ll settle for a double jack on ice, but it is 9:38 am. Too early for that.

Or is it…




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