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I am often asked how I come up with my posts. At first I took my prompts from fortune cookies, but those got old after awhile. Truthfully I simply write when I feel like writing and I feel like writing all the time. When I look back over my posts I consider most “sloppy” and very few do I consider “good,” but I do appreciate that other people enjoy them. I believe there are some people that always love there work, some that never like their work, and many like me that rarely like their own writing. I once said that I came onto WordPress to improve my skills, but that is a lie. I come on WordPress to write my current thoughts because texting is so tedious and where better than here to rant at the world?

Just write. Don’t think so hard about it is what I tell people if they ask. If it is interesting to you that is the first step. I have never understood why anyone would write on topics or spill out long articles on subjects they don’t have any concern over. Why write about it? If you see a post on this website it is because I thought about it, I cared about it, and hell… I decided to write about it. I think fear stops many people from voicing their opinions on the world and that is tragic to me. The day we give up our voices and the right to our own opinion is the day we might as well place the chain around our necks and stop caring. Because you are then truly a slave to the world at that point.

My parents brought me up to take ownership of my own views and not only that, but to stand behind my convictions. We are given so few things on this earth, but the one thing no one can take from you is your internal opinion. Now whether or not you can actually voice those words is a different story, but that should never stop someone from formulating their own outlooks on what is going on in their lives and in this world. Break your bubble people and more importantly share your thoughts. You never know how many people might relate or find courage from your actions.

I wish I could write more and had the time to write more in depth on this blog. I micro blog because writing is only a portion of what I do on WordPress, as I said in my blogging model I only spend 33.3% of my time on WP writing posts. I do sometimes wonder at and envy those “celebrities” that can just write and have people read all the time. They have no obligation to interact back and their fame brings them view after view. I will never be famous in this life and because of that I have to work for my views. Each and every one. It is called “the grind” people and we do what we must for things we care about. I care about writing because I love it.

-Opinionated Man



34 thoughts on “Just Write

  1. Yes yes yes all so true. I am new to this and haven’t written my first blog yet! I have a million thoughts and opinions im passionate about but i would really appreciate any tips you could throw my way on a good ice breaker. 🙂

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  2. Prompts from fortune cookies – I love that idea! I find that I take a lot of time over each and every post I write – it’s great writing practice, but it takes a lot of time from the actual writing that I really want to do.
    t any form of writing is good I guess, even ‘micro blogs’ as you call them. Many people don’t have the time to read full-on blog posts that seem to last for pages anyway!

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  4. Internal Opinions 🙂 Never heard of it put that way … its a nice description! And for Me, WP has let Me start to give voice to those Internal Opinions … It’s an awesome thing 🙂

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  5. I do the “write-thing” when I’m heavily burdened to do so. And that, is everyday, literally. Sadly, most of it doesn’t make it to print, it stays in my head and on my mind. Then, when I get overwhelmed, I pour those thoughts out on ‘paper’. I really envy those who get to write as often as I should. Must be very relaxing and fulfilling 💪🏼🍷😊

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  6. When my brain is about to burst then I write. Otherwise I just ponder. Until my pondering comes to a boil. Then I write. Otherwise. I read other people’s blogs. Because I figure, if they have taken the time to read what I have written, then their words matter to me too. So I try to read some everyday.

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  8. Just write describes me. Passion is my middle name. I am the queen, drama. I write Stream of consciousness… in the moment … expelling of the demons. If I’m lucky people are entertained or they can relate.

    All your “opinions” are relatable to me OM. You can kind of be like a mind reader sometimes. It is good to know I’m not the only one out there. We have tons of kindred spirits in the blogosphere.

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