The sad part is that we call ourselves the land of the free, but we are really the land of those that got here first. Those that took, made, and gambled on themselves. Economies aren’t built overnight and the systems that make those economies also take time to become working systems. The irony in all this healthcare debate is that the true culprits are the insurance companies we gave free reign to charge and create what policies they wanted in hopes that with their growth a system would grow into our growing economy at the time. And it worked. Why wouldn’t it? You basically gave insurance companies a way to bank on the healthcare of the American people and tons of people became wealthy. People are becoming wealthy off the deaths and sicknesses from your neighborhoods everyday.

One day someone asked “who is actually paying attention to who regulates what home loans are approved? Why are people being approved for home loans they could never afford?” From those questions came new home loan policies which is a good thing. There was a time, around 2008 or so, when I thought our market was going to collapse. Architects couldn’t find work and people weren’t buying new homes. Now in 2017 that is all just a bad dream, but for healthcare there is never a sudden cure or a change of events. Someone is always fighting a battle with health and with their healthcare daily and with the companies that are supposed to help. Like car insurance if I pay my monthly payment I should be covered. There should be no small print and it all should be clap on easy to understand. That isn’t how it is of course and that is wrong.

I said all that for a reason. This country was never built to offer “healthcare” to all citizens for free. There’s no fund for that, no current money set aside for “the long lasting life of the American People,” and honestly the government couldn’t give a shit less about us as long as we pay our taxes till the last breath and not a half gulp later. I’m a veteran and I love this country, but there are simple truths. As an adoptee, I adopted this country a long time ago. The truth of it all is that nations never adopt you back. They simply let you stay there for as long as they want and when you need to move on they make you move on. In this life or the next.

Don’t raise my taxes. Take some of the thousands we already pay you each year, match it with the hundreds I never see from my pay check. Tax the large corporations the same percentage you tax me and then give EVERYONE HEALTHCARE! So easy.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman



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  2. Reblogged this on Minus the Rage and commented:

    I’ve actuallly been rolling a post just like this around in my brains for over a week but just couldn’t seem to find the words…

    Thankfully one of you always does. I love this. And the comments! I love the whole vibe of, you know, thinking. We’re thinking again guys!
    Don’t stop there though. Ask questions and get some answers. Yeah I just quoted little mermaid. It happens.
    Also…consider that we can have these thoughts and discussions now Bc were not complaining…we’re finally asking why. There’s a lot of mess here atm but it’s not ours. Keep an eye out for the things that irk you about your life and anaylize that shit Bc why deal with bs if you don’t have to. Life could actually be…enjoyable. Yup. I think it could.
    Personally I’m slowly but surely going “basic”. All “adulting” is questioned now because I’m finding that a lot of it makes no damn sense and frankly I just don’t wanna. So…Nope!
    Try it guys. What’ve you got to lose..?
    Anyway shutting up now because this guy already kinda nailed it. Thanks again for getting my brains cooking I needed that. xo

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  3. To me, – and I live in England, so you know where I’m going with this – the thought of people in America unable to get basic healthcare free of charge, saddens me greatly. It makes me angry too. ‘If you can’t afford health insurance, tough’, that’s the general message. And you are looked down upon if you cannot pay. Also, what about if a person needs immediate treatment, do they get turned away? Do they get slapped with a ridiculously high bill on their discharge which they cannot pay? What happens then? It’s unfair.

    As I said, I live in England and I’m used to having the NHS there; it has always been since birth, so for American people to not have what we have baffles me. America is meant to be a wealthy nation, a forward thinking country, advanced beyond the rest of the world…. Yet they don’t provide free healthcare, I just don’t get it.

    I could go on with my ‘theories’ as to the why’s, but I know they’ve already been said. The state of ‘Healthcare’ in America is just another reflection of much of the wealth divide that exists there. At times I feel that the intention is to keep it that way.

    Thanks for a sad, but good post to read 🙂

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  5. The whole point is to make money for the insurance companies. Sure, universal health care like in the UK and Canada and other nations is the way to go. But this is the U.S., where the point of everything is business. In fact remember President Calvin Coolidge…who actually said “business is the business of America.” Yes, of course he was a Republican…. and unfortunately the poorest,

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  6. Hear hear! We can make it that simple. Well said Jason, from your observant Neighbour over in Australia (I still can’t believe your country doesn’t have free medical care like us- what a nightmare)

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  7. Walsh was just saying today (having slapped a man in the face for being emotional over his sick son) that we can’t have universal healthcare here like they do in other countries because other countries don’t have ghettos and poor people…what a load of BS. They can fire off a shit load of expensive tomahawk missiles but we’re too damn poor here to fund women’s issues and hungry children and provide decent healthcare for our citizens. These neo cons are in the pocket of corporations including these giant insurance firms, we are so screwed.

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    • We pay $600 a month for insurance and still have thousands in medical bills because I just happen to be one of those unfortunate people who was born with a muscle disease, then got a bone disease, then got lyme disease. My entire family seems to be punished with stress over finances because of my health and that is just sad. It truly shoulnd’t be that way.

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      • It should not. Our representatives are not concerned with their constituents but with their own agenda. They should hang their head in shame. It is on them if the senate follows the congress lead and they pass this punishing healthcare bill, hopefully they will reap the reward in 2018 when we really clean the swamp.

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        • Then it’s our job to speak up. Bc you’re right it shouldn’t be this way and it doesn’t have to be. We just need to remember ourselves. We outnumber them lol and we do have many a tool at our disposal. They just made us kinda forget to remember…

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  8. US hospitals? You mean like the VA? Yeah, that works so well.

    We should learn from the VA that the government has no business in healthcare…of any type. Let’s do what Trump originally talked about, before the politicians got hold of him and said, “No. We have a better idea, one that keeps us in control.” If you remember from his campaign his idea was a simple, two part plan (he even said it could be done on one sheet of paper):

    Allow insurance companies to sell across the nation. That way there is a larger pool to share the burden, and people could keep the same plan if they relocate for retirement or a new job.
    Rebate people the cost of healthcare inversely based on salary. The poor (the real poor, not the schmucks that play the system) would get near-free healthcare, while the rich would have to pay 100% of their costs.

    Simple, easy, done on a single sheet of paper. Problem is that it doesn’t need the involvement of lawyers to enact, and doesn’t allow for Congress to control it, and the people.

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    • Yeah I’m starting to think all the overcomplication and stressyness is part of the plan. Think about it…you probably try to streamline life so that the business of it doesn’t outweigh the enjoyment of it. So you wouldn’t choose to install any overcomplicated systems such as our healthcare here. None of us want this mess.
      It’s not ours and I for one am saying “Nope!” a lot lately…it’s liberating.xo


  9. Oh if only it were that simple Jason. I don’t live in the USA and we had a really great National Health Service that would offer Healthcare for free in times of need and it was paid for by a tax (the Government called it National Insurance Contribution (or NIC)) which was taken fairly from everyone according to their ability to pay. Then we had Margaret Thatcher who told the people “The Health Service is safe in our hands” while she cut down the NIC paid by the wealthy and tried to force our NHS hospitals and staff to treat private patients as well as free patients. Not in the same hospitals as the NHS couldn’t afford private rooms for private patients as these were used for patients who were highly contagious. Now we find that our NHS is running deficits in every hospital, fighting for pennies from central government and getting less from local government because their budgets have been slashed beyond the comfort zone. And why? Labour bailed out the banks to avoid the country going bankrupt and then in came a coalition government who told everyone that belts were going to have to be tightened as we were all in this together. The result was that the poorer got poorer while the rich remained rich and their taxes were cut time and time again. There is no such thing as government by the people of the people any more. Fat cats get fatter and the poor die at an alarming rate while the rest of society says what a pity. Benefits in this country were meant to keep people out of the poverty trap but now they are forcing people to lie and cheat to get enough benefits to live on while they try to find fewer and fewer jobs. I was made redundant at the end of March and, although it was denied at the time, it was a political decision to still maintain a voice in Europe by the American company who were employing me. My job will end up going to Germany or France just so that HP can have a voice in Europe once Brexit takes effect and we are no longer in the centre of Europe.

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    • I get it. All I’m saying of course is that if I’m gonna pay for universal healthcare, make it indeed universal and take it from some of the funds we already pay them. Someone is telling us this is difficult, it isn’t. You have the funds, create United States hospitals across the country. We could have them built in a year, I saw a Walmart built in two weeks man. You cut insurance companies out, and you pay nurses and doctors directly. You hire people from med schools and other places, but you’d find the staff. How is this hard? The money never leaves a government we already pay and like I said, they could take this from the taxes we already spend. It could be done and I could do it.

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      • Jason, I couldn’t agree with you any more than I do. It’s such a shame that everything about healthcare in both of our great companies comes down to money. It should be about healing the sick and prevention of illness money has no place in healthcare.

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