I can only be what I was meant to be.

A fiery comet, no diamond ring.

This anger and fear inside of me.

An occasional broken reality.

I walk beside myself today.

And kill myself in dismay.

Making promises against my nature.

Until I do not see a future.

I kill the man I am meant to be.

I’ve killed a man, I’ve killed me.




22 thoughts on “Me

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  2. I’ve killed myself more times than I can count… Trying to be someone I wasn’t meant to be… But, the more I told the people around me how much of me I killed just to be this other “perfect person”, the more they seemed content to stand beside me and watch me burn…drown…and suffocate…right in front of them

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  3. I just saw something posted on FB by a friend – you’d appreciate this: ” Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. ” Norman Cousins.

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  4. “I walk beside myself today,” is a line that jumps out at me. We have more than one self inside ourselves. I’m wishing you peace on your walk today, Jason. And tomorrow.

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