Social Media

Social media can be funny. You gotta decide who you want to let in and who you want to keep out… with their issues. One day you might have to say “Gary I’m not coming to your tea party man…” The problem with confronting issues is that issues have mouths and fingers. So Gary types back “but Jim likes tea. Why don’t you like tea? 😰” Then you are stuck… because you do actually like tea and now you’ve lied to Gary. Do you come clean and in turn commit yourself to all future tea parties forever? Or do you pull the plug, plan a fake trip to Florida, and post old photos hoping no one notices… and live the lie.

All because you didn’t like “tea.” Social media.





37 thoughts on “Social Media

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  2. Oh dear πŸ˜‚ just say you only make the Thai Duc tea. If you change the words around it becomes Thuc & Dai which in Vietnamese means stay up all night and pee πŸ˜‚

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  3. Love it! So true. Oh, what a tangled web we weave…
    On occasion when someone gets on a rant or posts stupid things, you have to choices. Roll with it or say nothing. Well then there’s a third choice Block them until they get over it. Lies are the result of trying to please everyone and avoid stepping on toes. One always gets found out.
    I guess there is a fourth, and that is to just say, “can we just agree to disagree and lets stay friends?” Nah, the last one doesn’t cut it. That’s a war in the making. Let’s just keep it to three.(Big smile)

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  4. Well, it’s easy. I’ll just be me. I’ll say. I like tea but I just can’t make it. If he ask why, then I’ll use the I’m busy line while quickly texting my mum to instruct me to come help her out. In case he asks – “busy doing what?”

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  5. Gary would never be hosting a tea party so no worries, and who says I would invite you anyway. I’ve got standards you know…just don’t count my ex-wife it was a phase I was going through.

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  6. OMG! even I can come up with a answer on that one. you simply say “But I don’t like your kinda tea. It’s a Green tea and I prefer Rooibus.”

    you need to bookmark so you can answer back questions such as those.

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