Reasons Why I Am Being Punished

Sometimes I feel like I am being punished and I came up with a list of reasons why that might be happening.

I didn’t have wifi on the plane and I get bored.

1 – I did take that Golden Fleece.

2 – This whole time Gary has been Mark Zuckerburg and the joke is on me.

3 – Maybe before the orphanage I was really a prince and all my blessings have been spent.

4 – That wasn’t a deer I hit that day. It was a unicorn and I’m basically fucked.

5 – I’ll come up with more later.





30 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Am Being Punished

  1. unicorns? bah, if anything you did the world a favor. nobody really likes a unicorn, they puke rainbows and crap sunshine. I’d be upset if it was a rhino or elephant, but a unicorn? you’re fine.

    Damn. There’s one right behind me right now, isn’t there?

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