Blogger Confession

Sometimes I’m not sure if you are a man or a woman. I’ll even read your “About” page and still be confused what sex you are. But I’ll still talk to you Gary.

I blame all of you really. If you had picked a username as obvious as Opinionated Man… things would be easier.

-Opinionated Man


16 thoughts on “Blogger Confession

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  2. I have to admit the Orbb/Orbb80 is ambiguous, but even my full real name on my about page is a bit ambiguous too, though I have never met a man by the name of Liberty (but I suppose it could happen, I have a sister named Sasha & technically that’s a Ruissian male name), not that I go by my second middle name in rl, I’ve always gone by Shannon (except for a few managers who are determined to mispronounce my very simple first name, I’ve gotten somewhat used to answering to what sounds like Kurin when my first name is Corin; funny story, my first name comes from Corwin, if you’ve ever read The Chronicles of Amber, so yeah, named after a prince of Amber, not a princess, LOL), which is a unisex name. – okay, I rambled & digressed a bit there, when the simple answer is I’m female 😛

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