The Journey of Self-Discovery

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I was speaking with a good friend the other day. She has been going through immense change and self-discovery the past few years. As with most of us who take that journey, it is uncomfortable, scary, friend-changing, often lonely, sometimes peaceful, very discombobulating. But there is a certain point, where deep inside, you begin to feel the seeds of contentment, the knowing of who you really are at your core, take hold and reach up from the mud.

The past eight years has been a whirlwind of change for me. My life turned upside down because of my post-traumatic stress disorder and I had to decide, both consciously and unconsciously to heal, to change, or I would most probably die. It’s a sobering thought as I sit down to write this, but it was true. One day, very early on in therapy, my therapist and I were discussing the book The Alchemist

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