The Daily Opinion – When Did You Start Blogging?

HarsH ReaLiTy atΒ was born on January 3rd, 2013.

When was your blog started?




89 thoughts on “The Daily Opinion – When Did You Start Blogging?

  1. I blogged many moons ago. First started at a Viet site called Viet Fun then a friend took me into Multiply and it all kind of took off from there . When Multiply died I went on to MyOpera and Blogger it wasn’t the same until here. I love WordPress and the community here feels like home now .

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    • I was doing two blogs…both Premium….brag, brag… but my daughter just took over one of them because she liked the name of it and I didn’t want to pay for two blogs because I couldn’t bear to part with the name

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      • I know what you mean. I hate to give up on either. I don’t like paying for more than I have to either. I’ve been hoping to find some way to ‘monetize’ my blog. At least to pay for itself and hopefully more, but so far have not made any progress on that.


        • my daughter is taking over my wonderland blog…she will do her own thing with it, of course. She likes the sometimeinwonderland moniker, but she will go in a different direction than I have.


        • some do, but I’m not sure of the protocol involved, how to “sell” anything legitimately. I’ve seen articles on “monetizing,” which means different things in different situations I think.


      • A lot more work than I expected!
        I didn’t realize that either. Makes your success even more admirable. I know how much work you put into it and appreciate how much you always help others. I’m glad to see how much growth it’s been getting you.


    • my maiden post was about a fiasco with my camera trying to get a photo of a butterfly. Ya just have to share that kind of news…and WordPress is the perfect place to do it. I had a cool blog and changed themes and stuff about twenty times before I finally decided what content I would have. :-}

      What’s your blog about?

      Uh…it’s blue, and as soon as I get the cool title worked out, I will write about… uh, maybe cats, and my old car….

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  2. My blog is like 4 months old, it was born just the day after Christmas!!! And I do hope that I do not lose the zeal to write as easily as I had succumbed to this zeal!!! πŸ˜€
    Right now I am just blogging as things keep happening with my life, a not-so-sorted life contributes to a lot of stories. πŸ˜‰

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    • sounds like your right on track there…. that’s what I write about too. my all time greatest hit blog is about gingersnap cookies—seconded by a photo story about cinnamon rolls—it all counts! πŸ™‚


      • I tried a few times to write something about what the world seemed to be talking about, the popular topics; but they all ended up as half-finished articles on my drive.
        My most popular articles were obviously the stuff that came directly from my heart- one about love, the other about my shyness; so I guess I have to agree with you on being on the right track, I hope I am!! πŸ™‚

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          • Haha.. Yes OM, I am actually working on shortening my posts, like literally!! πŸ˜›
            But maybe you are right, I can come up with prequels and sequels to my posts…:)

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        • my world-view is what my readers care the least about…they like photos, and my poetry…both of which are my personal favorites. hav e you ever written poetry? I took a wordpress course last year and LOVED it!

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          • True, unless the post has a personal touch, readers do not connect to it, worldly topics or not, does not matter!
            I think I am bad with poetry, but I would really give the course a shot.. πŸ™‚


          • after a time of interaction among bloggers, a camaraderie develops, and it gets almost like a “back fence” where neighbors chat about stuff. I first started with WordPress in 2011, and have developed quite a number of regulars.


          • WordPress does have the courses (free) that bloggers can join. I don’t think they still do the moderated class type things, which is where a lot of the “class atmosphere” came from. I never wrote poetry before in my life except for some teenage stuff.


  3. I’ve had many blogs in the past. All were personal, never really on a specific topic, or directed to anyone. I would call it more of a life journal than anything. I started with my own code using SQL and the like, I kept that one for maybe a year.

    I moved onto with my own server when it launched, but that one fell through as I became busy with life – and again, no idea what to post about.

    That was over 12 years ago. This new blog, I am much more content with and looking forward to keeping it active for years. Especially with the introduction of a more social

    Although I never intend for many people to read what I write, or review, I format it in a way that people may. I find it quite therapeutic and I am glad I picked it up again.

    Started only one week ago.

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  4. October, 2015. I started because someone said I need to blog to market my book. I didn’t know anything at all about blogging. How to do it, what to write, I never knew about tags, followers or following…nothing!! 18 months and 1900 followers later, I can tell you, I love the blogging world!

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