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Before Sundown

by Cheryl Pennington


Cheryl Pennington is multi-talented, a well trained and seasoned Ophthalmic technician in the field of Ophthalmology, an imaginative artist who paints, sketches and makes jewelry, a creative writer, an energetic cook/baker, and a prolific photographer. She has a deep desire to connect with others creatively. Her goal is to live life fully in the present moment. She believes the present is the only one which truly exists.

Cheryl started blogging in 2012

“to honor my passion for photography and share precious moments from the paradise home we enjoyed for 8 months in Costa Rica.“

She’s born under the Cancer astrological sign; ethereal, obstinate, hopeful, romantic, dependable, loyal and steadfast. Not a lover of change. Her husband, a Virgo, quite the opposite, “a wanderer, dreamer, and seeker of adventure and change.” Hence her 8 month adventure living in Costa Rica.

When she photographed the last…

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