For Men Only – Relationships


When a woman catches you in the middle of a particularly difficult project, maybe the doorknob doesn’t fit the hole you just drilled…

When she gives you that look just give her the thumbs up back πŸ‘. Sure she may be mentally thinking ‘he can shove that thumb up his ass! He better fix that shit!’

At least you’ve communicated.

Now fix that shit…


21 thoughts on “For Men Only – Relationships

  1. My wife likes to “help”, which is sweet in retrospect, but when she has even less experience with it than I do, in the moment I just want to say, “I love you, now go away.”

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  2. I can’t relate. Not because I’m not a man, but because I married one who can/does fix everything.

    Well, there was that one time when I caught him opening up the back of an Amana Radarange, was sure we’d be irradiated (decades ago).

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