Enable Your Reblog Button

Why is reblogging so important?

Think of WordPress like a river and from that river come smaller streams that are each individual’s personal “reader.” The Reader is that button in the top left corner that takes you to all the active posts being shared publicly by tag or that you follow. The word “active” is important in this sentence because the posts are shown in real time, as they are being posted, unless you are lucky and get placed into these new features they are creating. Most of us Users use the reader to store and separate the bloggers from the other bloggers we don’t read… like Gary.

What does the reblog button do in this situation?

Well it is simple. The reblog is how you jump a post from your reader to your subscriber’s readers. That’s it, but that is big! Not only did you share the post, but you also gave that post new life for that brief minute, hour, or day that it hovers near the top of someone’s reader that has subscribed to you. Some of us have thousands of bloggers on our readers because we like a mix of interests, like a magazine or a newspaper. Others have specific WordPress users only and you better sew the shit out of a shirt to be able to make their reader. Blogging and who we choose to interact with is different for us all.

For most of us we simply want our post seen. A reblog is a huge compliment and helps us to get more eyes on our posts. The more subscribers the good Samaritan has the more “possible” eyes there are that might see your post, but in reality that is a whole different conversation. Personally I do what I can for bloggers because I would have liked the same support when I started. And some things deserve to be shared.

This was all to say that if you want people to be able to share your work easily and through the WordPress provided function please enable your reblog buttons. You can find this button under the admin page settings sharing link, then press show reblog button. Thank you for flying with HarsH ReaLiTy.

-Opinionated Man



104 thoughts on “Enable Your Reblog Button

  1. Hi, Jason, this is a helpful post especially the comments for those who have self-hosted blogs and struggle with technology. It definitely works better with WordPress.com, but I have had some luck with the Press button. The post is saved to my WordPress.com site. From there I can copy and paste it into my WordPress.org site. It’s a bit of a pain, but it can be done. Thanks for the reminder that I need to “Press” more. I agree with your thoughts about self-hosted blogs. I did not know that you had two sites. Marsha 🙂

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  2. Hello Jason! Been a while. 😊
    I’m all for re-blogging but a self hosted site with wordpress.org does not seem to be possible. 😦
    I remember seeing an alternative to that a while back but for the life of me can’t remember where anymore.

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  3. when I look at my blog, I don’t see the re-blog button ( I see the like button and the sharing buttons). Is this just because I am looking at my own blog? In the admin page, it does show a re-blog button there along with all the rest of the sharing buttons I have put on my posts.

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  5. Here’s a quandary. I often can’t see people’s reblog buttons until AFTER I have posted a comment. For example, there was no reblog button on this post, but there will probably be one once I submit this comment. Moreover, WordPress usually makes me log in three times before it accepts me as me. Any idea what setting I need to change to see reblog buttons before posting comments?

    I strongly support your plea to people to include a reblog button. I can do pingbacks with the best of them, but the reblog button gives my readers a much better sense of the original message than a pingback does. It’s also faster, which makes me more able and willing to do the share.

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    • It is annoying, but if you check the save functions on your home computer it will save your logins. Saving the cookies for the site as well. When you try to share or like on a new computer or a phone that refreshes it will make you login again though, it does suck!


  6. So you can choose what blogs you want in the reader, also you wrote about a post on links, a lot of my inspiration comes from others blogs. I should always link to those blogs I get inspired from, right?

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  7. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:

    A post from Opinionated Man about the reblog button. I totally agree. I know that some people feel that they don’t want their material to be anywhere else but their blog but only part of your post is shared and there is a clear direct back to your blog. In my early days blogging I did a Reblog Saturday and it quickly introduced me to some great bloggers and started the sharing and reciprocal community I belong to today. Read the rest of the post and help us share your work with everyone we know.

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