What do the Caregivers Need?

A great conversation on caregivers by Alexis!
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I’m currently collaborating on a new book. As we were outlining the chapters, we added a chapter addressing the question, What do caregiver’s want and need when living with, caring for, or loving a person with a physical, emotional, mental, or chronic illness? I think it will be a wonderful addition to the book. This group is often left out of the care plan. They are our unsung heroes. The friends, family and support team who, without them, we would flounder.

When I was struck with PTSD  my whole world turned upside down.  As with any illness, it doesn’t just affect me, my illness affects my whole family. My symptoms can be challenging for my family, friends and support team.  They have taken the time to learn about trauma and PTSD and are right there to help me live the most “normal” life I can lead right now. No one, ever, makes me feel…

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