Bad language

I use bad language frequently because it is in my colloquial form of speech. I don’t feel my language is necessarily foul or overly crass, but instead it comes with a practiced ease because I write the way I talk. When I began blogging I would get comments and even emails asking me to tone down the words I use. My response has always been consistent.

I’m 35 and don’t need anyone’s permission to write. No one is forced to read my blog so there is no reason for me to censor myself. You’ll find this is a constant battle for some social media users that try and straddle the different social boundaries other people set.

Honestly fuck your boundaries. I got my own and have no need to hear yours.

-Opinionated Man



40 thoughts on “Bad language

  1. If I am rebuked for swearing , I invoke the answer that I always hear when someone does something I find offensive here in Asia, I look the person straight in the eye, smile, shrug and say …sorry but please understand it’s part of my culture.

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  2. One of the bad guys in my first-draft novel says “hell.” One of my draft-readers was surprised I didn’t spell it “he**”. I suggested I need to spice this novel up a bit and drop an f-bomb here and there. My favorite draft reader said I’d spell it *-bomb. We all are who we are! 🙂

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  3. Bad language is a misnomer, what is offensive to one is considered proper to another. We have gotten so touchy about what words / phrases that can be used that it’s ridiculous. Personally, I thought we went over the edge when people started banning Mark Twain.

    Oh, bloody hell, get over it!

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